Thief In The Night, Ree Treweek (2D)


Title: Thief In The Night
Name: Ree Treweek
Country: South Africa
Software: Photoshop, After Effects

This is a still from our animation “The Tale of How.” Jannes Hendrikz has worked his magic on my drawings in after effects to create this night time scene of Otto the Monster lurking about one of the many villages which lie on his back.

“A Tentacle from no where,
could give one a fright,
Stealing Piranha’s
a thief in the night.”

-Markus Wormstorm


Excellent work, very original. I love these style. :applause:


Great work!

I like the mood and style a lot.
Maybe the waves get a bit too repetitive.
T’d love to see the animation!


Yes theres some animation viewing needed here :wink:

Its hard to see a lot of it but whats there is really nice. Hope you post more :slight_smile:


i love this one,it has the tim burton feel in it.:thumbsup:


Yeah, Tim Burton, that’s it…
Great image! :thumbsup: Good atmosphere!


beautiful reminds me of a tim burton movie, very nicely done love the colors


niiice sea concept…


great artwork again, R.T. :thumbsup:


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