Theory and technical challenges for FX?


I would really like if someone have experience in FX, to point me out. I want to do FX with Houdini, but i am afraid of programming, my only “programming” is CSS3.
What kind of programming i have to know to be able to create FX? I am not thinking of TD position for now, but Junior/senior /lead.
Other than programming, what else i need to know?


The good news is Houdini isn’t really about programming.
The bad news is that it is extremely technical.
Usually those that use Houdini happily do so after they have the experience to know why they need it and why they can’t do what they want in any other software.
Also the best way to learn it is to be working with somebody who knows it well already. Easily daunting if you learn on your own.

If just getting into the industry and just starting with FX however Houdini might be overkill and hard to learn. But there is a free Apprentice version so try and see.