Then Flying The Youth, Shang-peng Leng (3D)


Title: Then Flying The Youth
Name: Shang-peng Leng
Country: China
Software: MARI, Maya, Photoshop, Silo, VRay, ZBrush

Hi there,

This is one of my latest personal works. The intension is to capture the touching expression of the young girl in soft breeze. I hope to share the beautiful moment with everyone.
It’s rendered with Vray, Maya hair and vray hairshader were used for her hairs and furs. The full resolution is 1780x2460. I will post more WIP pictures in the future.
Wish you like it.



Great work. My only critique goes to eyes, they look blurred, I expected those to be much sharper and with more details in color and value. Everything else is of very high quality.




super work man


WOW! She is beautiful and very realistic!
What settings did you use for vray hairshader?


FIVE STARS!!! :applause:


Wow this is simply incredible!


Beautiful work, i like the haircut and the details around the eyes it adds so much realism to this work !



wow just wow


great work ,how much time did you take for the hair rendering?


wow nice work …can you talk a little bit about shading … texturing and lighting ?? :applause:


Awesome work - yet a few minor adjustments would make it even better.

  • The lower teeth seem to be too light, they catch too much attention. I’d give them the same colour as the upper teeth.
  • The eyes look blurred
  • The eye blink is a bit pixelated
  • The blue feather is kinda… weird.

Overall it’s a fucking amazing render though!


Great work !


The most beautiful and most realistic face render I have ever seen.



Her eyes look realistic enough to me. I’m living in Seoul so that I see girls with eyes like her all the time. :slight_smile: The texture on her lower lip looks a little strange, though.


I understand that they are correct regarding color, but they look muddy and could use some more light for artistic purposes.


Beautiful skin and eyes :slight_smile: Well done on shading those!

Cobra 6


Absolutely amazing!
If one should nitpick: I would agree with the others regarding the somewhat blurry eyes, especially compared to the rest of the image which is rather crisp.

Still, it’s a beautiful image :slight_smile:


Really nice work :slight_smile:


Wow - she’s gorgeous!
Very interesing, unique face. Extremely well executed too - superb work.

She’s really pretty, natural and engaging, withough being all false and overly feminised like elongated eyelashes, wide eyes, super glossy hair and strong makeup.