This is just a little animation i whipped up. I just created the whole thing in about 2 hours so be kind. I am creating a short series and need any suggestions on making “THEM” better, thanks.

The video is 800x600, 6 sec. at 600k and encoded in Divx


Hey, technically it is a good cycle, but to add more life to it you could curl the fingers a bit, and maybe the toes to. The way they are now makes the cycle look very rigid and stiff.
One more thing, could you please make a loop from this video, so I can play it continuously. It makes it easier to say something usefull.
Well, I hope this was usefull, good luck with your series.


Thanks for the reply, I have been tweaking the set a little (current pic)

Im still tweaking textures and stuff but my problem always is the lighting. I know thats where the realism is. Can anyone point me in the right direction. When I get better lighting I will post a video scene of “THEM”. <-- What i got working is pretty sweet (telekinesis against a human)


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