Them Dark Odors, Joel Sundberg (3D)


Excellent work! I love the fingers and the bright eyes. Nice posing and shaders too. I like the depth of field also.


Man ! That is so swweeeet.
Love the designs and execution - so disturbing, great choice of pose too.
I hope you are planing to animate them.

Defenetely 5* :smiley:


Ridiculously cool! Would make awesome characters for a creepy/surreal little short :smiley:


Damn creepy rabbit thingys… wicked.

Great render as well.



Wow, just love them!

Freaky pose you put them in. They look really unpredictable and disturbing in a good way :smiley:
Would have loved to animate those critters!

Top notch work! Keep it up! :thumbsup:

Arne :slight_smile:


Amazing work, love the dark mood and the character design! awesome texturing and render!

i wouldn’t like to be locked inside that room with those bunnies! :smiley:

5 stars


I’ve seen these fellas on zbrushcentral. Great work. I would like to see them moving in tracking test that you have made.


Wow. :applause:

The creepiest and most bizarre thing about this picture is the long stick legs. The fantastic render and depth of field really emphasize them. Great job.


Nice work, you can really see a story behind the character design!
Love the camera work and the lens you used in the animation.



very nice txture and good idea 5* goodluck my friend


I really like these character designs. Very creepy. The rabbit ears suggest something cute a furry but these things are sickly and grotesque. Nice contrast there.

Would be great to see these things moving in a Tim Burton-esque, jerky, stop-motion sort of way.


Wow (personally one of the best frontpages since a while) U made my day :smiley: ! 5*


Great job!


It just … a perfect job, congratulation! I have visited the portfolio too, there are only 2 pictures but all are very very good quality. I like it all. :applause:


This is so amazing, I love the lighting, the materials, the model - Everything…


I didn´t use any renderpasses…its just one rendering


creepy and great!:thumbsup: :arteest:


Love it , very cool :bowdown:


simply perfect … those characters caught my eyes for a long time :slight_smile:


i am digging this! totally rad!