TheFountain , Pasquale Giacobelli (3D)


Title: TheFountain
Name: Pasquale Giacobelli
Country: Italy
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, ZBrush

The inspiration to create this image came from watching the movie "The Fountain."My desire was to recreate the same emotional atmosphere of the original movie. First I created the lowquality model in 3dsmax. In a second time I increased the detail with Zbrush and I made the diffuse color texture, the bump texture, the normal map texture and the displacement map texture. Specular map texture and epidermal map texture were drawn in photoshop using the diffuse color texture. At the end, everything was exported in 3d max, where I realized the illumination with mental ray. the skin material is a simple SSS skin material with various textures levels. Finally I added the background in post production. I hope you like. Hi to everyone:)


That is excellent! Amazing work! Really photorealistic.


i dont like the background but i love the face and the modeling and the most i like is the lightning!!!


wow, fantastic work!!!


great expression :slight_smile:


Goood work bro

best regards



The anatomy and the details on the face are amazing. The lighting seems a bit dull though, I recommend to increase both the Key and the Rim lights and have a bit of bounce light going from the bottom left so the viewer can see the face better. Great work nonetheless!


Awesome, He is Hugh Jackman isnt he?


Awesome work. The Fountain is one of my favourate movies, you have captured it well. Great likeness.

I have only recently started trying to export displacements etc from zbrush to max, and cant seem to find the correct setting. You have any advice on good tutorials?

Good work. :applause:


Great Jackman portrait (I never noticed his bat-like ears). The unusual and greatly done lighting shows perfectly the excelent skin texture. The sky is a bit unrealistic, with too bright and too large stars - it looks like a studio background, but i guess it’s supposed to be like that. 5*


great work …5 s:applause:


Very nice work Pasquale


love the sculpting


love the techniqe and the expression you to your work


Awesome, awesome movie, and very nice image!

I love it :bounce:


Really a nice one! Congrats! :slight_smile:


another great work, many compliments:thumbsup:


Looks super awesome!


I salut your work,very nice, very realistic. :bounce:


I thought the movie was excellent although emotionally draining. Excellent work.