"TheDRIVER" - New 3minutes animated trailer 2


Hello there,

We just released our extended 2nd trailer on line and would like to have your valuable feedback from all the professionals here.


There are some artworks on our webpage as well.


Please leave your kindly feedback! We like improvement.




super nice work, the pacing is great so is the rendering and the animation, I’m not fan of car race or anything, but I enjoyed that very much…I think the design of the characters though secondary in the story are really bringing something new and really are nice.

Great work!


Great stuff!
nice edit, camera and pacing.
For me the characters are cartoony both in material definition and desing while the cars and everything else have a realistic feel to it. I would eather move the design and render of the character towards the realistic and life like design and render of the cars or make the cars and scenery more stylized like the characters…

hope this helps!


Thanks Veljko,

Yes, we are trying to find a balance between the cars, characters and the env. Maybe we may have to push it further and try some more technique to find the fine line.




I liked it too.

Did however react negavitely when I first saw the look of the character. Seemed out of place, but I get what you’re trying to do and I like it so maybe some other way of introducing the style could help, cause I didn’t mind it anywhere else in the trailer.

Good work all involved!


Thx for sharing! I would be really glad to hear some behind the scene short info (which tools are you using, how many artists are on the show etc) …because of cg related forums:arteest:

…would be lovely to read it



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