Theatre of Schwerin (Exterior)


hello guys,

                                  this is my [i]fast project[/i] that it's about [b]visualization of Schwerin Theatre[/b]. 

[b]The project web page:

[/b] if you become interest about the project, leave your remember not in guest book (in project web page.)

                                  unfortunately, there is very few reference from this building I seeking very much in the net and finaly just find 2 picture that can't see details in it.
                                  You can look at the building (my ref.) from [here](                                   
                                  As i said, wana make this project fast so some details may ignored also I just want make the building from camera view (not complete). so let me start and see what will going on!
                                  [b]This is last update:


I start from front of building, columns:


no comment think needed…


I try to make front part complete and then will make wall. I get this render type to make variety! :thumbsup:


Well started… and original render for the last pic… photoshop addition or only due to the render setup ?


Maybe that could helpfull for you mate :


I want have realisitic render so not interest to define some special render. I use mental ray and direct light by mr shadow to make artistic shadow. in photoshop I add alittle noise to make more stress in the edges.

OMG! thise greats and will help me to finish it faster. thank you mate, thanks. but yet I can’t see details of status and column’s head :wise:


sorry for silence. I’m impatient in these days :sad: but today open max and add new objects for fron part. generaly this part finish, but I will return there again for make some changes. I see more details in Lemog’s refereneces (thank mate) and see I make some objects differemt.
But yet I need close up reference from statues and columns and carvings. I seeking net but nothing found!
I render this preview by scanline, and use some light setting that Lemog use (with your permission friend :applause:) It’s simple and give me good feel. I want each time send previews in different type and render by different engines! I think it be cool!

and render in night (sorry for small size):


Hey nice work, I’m working on a theatre model as well, but yours is really impressive! Great work, I look forward to seeing your progress :thumbsup:


thank you for your humility and welcome here :slight_smile: it will be good help for me if you give me some good close up reference if you found :thumbsup:


Sorry I meant that I was doing a theatre as well, but not the same one, so my references probably will not be of much use :slight_smile: But keep up the good work!


Very good lighting man, for sure, that increase the vision of the shape and that give much depth, details are more visible.
Finally, your method is again more good than mine, for a result more beautiful I think… but maybe your renderings is a bit more long than mine… for that, I’m not very patient :scream:

In any case, that grow perfectly, I really appreciate this theater :thumbsup:

I like much (even I prefer) the focal used on the night render…


Looks nice, but I doubt tat there is an english inscript(?) on the front of a german theatre.


yes, I know. I just request it anyway. :rolleyes:

ya I know, that it’s, yes, sure, it is… :argh: :surprised

truly , but my scene will not animated and your scene will, so must attend more in details and textures… in this project, modeling, texturing and light is most important for me and will not attend to render time.


I add that text, otherwise there is any text. Konnen Sie mir sagen what it’s true in deutsch? my germany is not good because Ich spreche kein deutsch!


The official title would be ‘Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater Schwerin’ but there is no writing at all on the front.


Ja, aber Ich wünsche addiere es :rolleyes: , Do you have any picture from this building, specialty close up?


front part complete before (general objects so I will return to make details). now start to making walls. there is start:

hope find good close up reference :rolleyes:


J’adore ! oups sorry, I love ! This kind of work is always very pleasant for me, the continuation is really good, even if the text “theater of shwerin” is again here :scream:.
If you decide to keep it, maybe you can try a font more in the building style, more antic… seeya man and keep up the good work :thumbsup:


pas important! J’aime la langue française et l’espoir l’apprennent bien :thumbsup:

oh, I will remove that text but please have endurance some days to set it aside :scream:


Front wall complete. just I keep caspital to make those after find good close up reference.
someone hope find it. also some similar design will be helpful, so please give it me,please:blush:

there is bigger size:

  • I will remove text (in top) in next update :sad: