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Been doing some work for a game project that looks promising for funding ( In the meantime I’m working with some others to pull some assets together for a promo video. The images below are of a theater created in Silo then rendered in Maxwell Render. The night image is an updated version of the day lit scene. No textures yet except emitters for the signs, street lights and neon.

I did the text for the signs in 3ds max.

UPDATE:Created some more assets for the project using Silo3D. There is someone else doing the textures. I have to re-create the curved Railway Sections but the only difference will be the diameter of the curve.

Modular Railway System
Street Vendor


Added a ninth building to the mix. Would be nice to see Silo get some improvements to some of the tools such as array and better curve tools.


Looks like a fine job you are doing. Shame the forum isn’t that active, hopefully you’ll keep posting.

I’d like to see a few things added/improved in Silo that would aid this type of modelling (more robust numeric input with the ability to do at least basic math functions, for starters), not holding my breath though.


I hear you on that, Cinnsealach. I find it increasingly difficult to understand how such a successful program can become so very abandoned by the developers. It’s potential is incredible but instead they focus on cheesy games and camera apps for phones.

If I knew of a solution that was the modeling equivalent (ease of use) then I would abandon Silo just as well as the developers. And please don’t take my remarks as fleeting. I’ve had Silo for many years now and have hardly had a negative word to say about it. On the contrary, I’ve told any I know who is new to 3d to get Silo because it makes modeling so much fun. The straw that broke the camels back was to see another mindless phone game released after the half-assed, unconcerned, broken promise of a Silo update. I use it because it’s so very fast and takes up very few system resources (I’ve run it on a system barely more than a word processor).

But, to happier things. I have an image that shows most of the buildings I’ve created for the game project so far. The only buildings not created in Silo are the twisting towers and the odd looking building to the right (copper look/distorted geometry).


Here’s another. Originally I had created the individual facades with GhostTown for 3ds Max. UVmapping turned out to be a problem so I modeled them up in Silo then simply copied them floor to floor in Max (better array / copy functions).

Hopefully others will start to show their work to make this forum more active. Maybe then the devs will start to care about their new and long term Silo customers.


This was just for fun but it might get used in X-Shift Online if they like it for the project. No real texture work done with this. Just a quick couple of materials slapped on this pig and then rendered.

Of course, modeled in Silo3D (with a little Greeble added to it in Max) and then rendered in Maxwell Render.


Hi Richard. Nice work! What is Greeble?


Wow man, those are some amazing buildings :smiley: silo all the way!!!

Would be nice to see Silo get some improvements to some of the tools such as array and better curve tools.

Especially curve tools for me.



Greeble is a plugin for 3ds Max that adds small geometry to a model to give it more detail. Some have used it to build cityscapes with it, too. The last version of Max it works with is 2013. Not sure if there is anything for after than. However, a 2013 plugin has often worked for 2014 and there is a small chance it will work for 2015.
Greeble Plug-in

Thanks for the comments, outburner. And I agree with you on the curve tools. It’s difficult to get a good curved design with the edge tool. Just a single spline tool would make a huge difference! I have often had to go back to Max to get something built because it would have been far too difficult to do in Silo. Most notably I had to build a curving, descending/ascending road tunnel for x-shift. The solution in Silo just wouldn’t resolve itself forcing me to rely on clunky, resource-hungry 3ds Max.


Another building. Very basic without much detail but enough for the video which will have someone flying by on a motorcycle. Texturing will give it the needed details anyway.


Thanks for the greeble info

I think that would lead to all kinds of problems in silo if you introduced a spline tool since it is based strictly on polygonal subdivision. For instance:


Yes, you could subdivide that and get a nice shape, but try creating a curving tunnel that descends and ascends along a path. Really, any moderately complex serpentine shape (just to name one) would benefit from a spline tool. It gives much greater control over the placement and degree of the curves.


Added another basic building to the mix, this one with a moderate sci-fi theme.


Another object added. This still needs a little more work. It’s close enough to share I think. This is a support system (no cross beams yet) to provide a way to have multiple tiers of buildings that will sit above the lower levels. Having them just stacked on top of each other makes no sense to me at all.


Love your stuff man, keep sharing!


Had a little time to work on a vehicle concept for x-shift online. It’s only about 90% complete but close enough to post an image. Did a quick render for critiquing with my teammates and as usual the colors are just placeholders to separate body panels. The blue was chosen because I was being nostalgic for my old Mustang!