Thea new GPU engine


Here is a preview video of the new GPU mode in Thea Render.

Looks interesting.


Looks good. Pretty fast rendering.


Well dang, isn’t that nice.


its not that good. The otherday i rendered 725 millions of polygon with octane render and it was ultrafast i can send screenshots or video capture.


725 million? That would take about 145GB of VRAM according to octane.

Did I miss something in a latest release?

From my understanding, with an unbiased GPU render engine every polygon must be loaded all at once on the GPU in order for it to begin rendering.

I’m only able to load up about 10 million with GPU rendering, but I don’t have all that much memory.

So please, post it. I’m very interested. This would solve Many optimization problems for me.


yeah i will send ss when i get home.


Hes most likely using a ton of instanced geometry :wink:


That’s exactly what I was thinking, but even if that’s what going on that’s a ton of instances, I’d still be impressed. I’ve been using GPU rendering on a few different systems for a bit now and this is the first time I’ve seen a claim to be able to render past 30million polys. On a 580? That’s the first time I’ve seen someone claim to render past 15 million.

Although, if the number of polys fits, it’s not the number that makes the render slow. It’s the sampling required, so…materials. Shiny stuff renders super fast. That’s why people love showing cars. They render super fast and look great. Render a fully detailed all white kitchen, with realistic materials and with object lights (without having anything blown out) and see what kind of speed you get. Even if you use less polys your fps will drop Way down.


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