The world's first sculpting app for the particle :)


Hi guys.

I’m developing the sculpting app named Sparta for the particle animation.

Sparta can control a grain of particle by the level of single particle in one frame, because I adopted the pen interface for GUI.

I think it’s like a stop motion film :smiley:

Sparta aims ZBrush in a particle world.

Today, I published the three videos.

In these videos, Sparta is syncing to the Autodesk products (Maya, 3dsMax, Softimage).




Of course Sparta can connect with other CG software.

e.g. Realflow, Houdini, Cinema4D, LightWave, modo601, TP5, Krakatoa

This is because, Sparta supports Realflow’s “.bin” format.

The reason why I am developing this app is I think that the current general technology is so complex :frowning:

e.g. Using node base system, Writing expression.

It’s is really flexible and powerfull, but I thinks it’s not the technology for the artist.

I want to replace this technology by more easy and simple technology.

Please download Sparta from, if you want to try Sparta.

Your suggestion about Sparta is very helpful for me.

And, this is the activation cotde for the paid version of Sparta :slight_smile:

It’s available until 10/31/2012, and It’s for verification of the functionality of the paid version.

Licensee: bd_opening
Password: 2884936706818615



Amazing stuff! :applause: Looking forward to the Cinema 4d version!




Very cool! I’ll definitely try that out!


A really good idea.
Congrats on actually turning it into a feasible application.
You should also make sure to copyright it or something, because it’s only a matter of time before this tech gets integrated into the big tools.


It’s an interesting looking application, but one should be aware of the “fine-print” (“Q&A”), which states it can only be used while connected to the Internet at all times.


Wow, very cool! I’ll definitely check it out.


Well, that’s a bummer! :frowning:



it can only be used while connected to the Internet at all times.

How to scare away customers …


Really wonderful idea ! Be careful to protect your tool with proper copyright :slight_smile:


Really wonderful idea ! Be careful to protect your tool with proper copyright

It intrigues me though that neither autodesk nor side effects have ever considered adding such a feature to their fx toolset. It is a phenomenal idea.


When the download is finished I get this message in Chrome. For the first time in my internet life. I can keep or discard it, and google says following about this:




you get that usually for zip archives containing .exe files.
just tell it to keep it


Yeah I did keep it… Just say it can drove people off since I don’t get that warning usually… Even when downloading zipped files…


afaik brush painting is at least 6000 years old?


afaik brush painting is at least 6000 years old?

uhmm…i meant PARTICLE brush painting…
what a trip… :surprised


From what I can tell from the videos you can relatively easily implement this in Houdini by yourself, and I suspect some users do. Clever as it looks I’m not sure how useful it actually is apart from making motion graphics. For example, pushing particles around like this on a big scale is almost certain to look wrong and unphysical in many situations. Usually the way to fix the look of a particle sim is lower level, and you have to mess about with the underlying model of emission and behavior.


That’s a very good point actually.
I’m sure it can be implemented into the current apps (i think i’ve seen an ice compound that did something similar), but the problem is, as an artist, building a system from scratch in the current applications is very difficult. So an artist friendly solution like this is quite useful.
And i’m sure it is definitely not suited for doing physically accurate particle sims with it.
But i can’t even count the times i wish i had a tool that i could use to soft select parts of my particle sim and just move them a little bit over time. Or just erase specific stray particles from a sim.
I tend to think of this tool as a particle corrective shape tool.
And wouldn’t hurt to have somethins similar out of the box in the current apps.


LightWavers don’t get a video? :frowning: Oh well, looks pretty cool anyway!


well for realflow works for cosmetics or food company, when they want creamy viscous liquid with soft aspect and no splash. If you take your .bin sims that work at 80% and then if you are able to :

  • delete by hands what you don’t whant
  • fill by hand some area where you want to add particle that will get their behavior from neighbour
  • if you want to latice or deform by hand slice of particles you’ve done

all this in realtime with your wacom and pencil ! i think this tool could really really be a wonderful addition to any liquid maker ! :slight_smile:


It seems that the app isn’t working on my pc.
I launch it but it looks like it freezes and I click on every button, everything is stuck…
I can navigate with the arrow keys of the keyboard but the mouse does nothing.
Do you have an idea how to make it work
Thank you