The world according to sofij


I finally got time for one of those projects thats been around for years. or to be honest, “The world according to Sofij” is what I thought the world should be like when I was a kid.
I started a little Diary online for her on
and heres some concepts and artwork from that.


So, this is Sofij. She has a pretty vivid imagination, and she sees the world in her own special way. She prefers it that way, her world is much more beautiful and exiting.
Her cat is named Stevens (yes, I was a wee bit disappointed when I heard that californication had used that one) he isn’t really a cat, but a magic dragon. He just hasn’t grown his wings yet.


This is the tilable background for the web diary. Theres still a whole lot of detail to be added, will update it with a druids table with cups and rings on it, a hot air baloon, a lift for stevens up to the treehouse and other little creatures and details.


Sofij when she sees her Christmas gift for the first time, and the dragon she imagines is inside, since the package growls.


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