The Woodland Tsunami


This cropping emphasizes the transformation of the leaves into a wave better.


hmm i’m mot so sure, looking at the first one, I think that you lose that shade that was provided on the left side. It was also a nice balance. But now, it is lighter on this side and looks a little strange. The shade reminds me of when you want to sit under a tree to AVOID the heat, the danger, the rain, yet these trees here are crashing down on you. These added leaves also take attentioan away from the other side for me.


Here is an updated version, but it is too late to post it in the competition. I started this project 2 weeks ago and I did not have enough time to turn the 3D render into Yerka’s painting style.


yeah, I like this one more. It has a nice neutral shading and reminds me of britain for some reason. i’ve never been there.


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