the white night, Jia.Ruan (2D)


Title: the white night
Name: Jia.Ruan
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

this portrait take my one month time, here have simple course

The hazy, transparent, painting the dream world is my cause part, I will be continue the feel


that’s really outstanding face draw
the expression, colors (such beautiful predominant green…) and mood are just amazing…

Very well done, RuanJIA!


Absolutely luminous, Jia! I love the feeling of transparent colour you manage to create in your images. Beautiful work!


I just can say marvellous!!!


Just say your art i’ts amazing!you are really great artist!congratulations!and i think you dessreve a award!!

Congratulations again!


Awesome! Colour details and style.


galleryGreat work…i love it…^^


I don’t know how you do what you do, but whatever you do, it’s amazing.


Beautiful work as always :cool:


Great job! Your style rock as always :slight_smile:


Very nice! I like your work, can’t wait to see more, added to favorites:)

I would love to see more environments:)


I can only agree: it’s so beautiful :smiley:


Beautiful! I hope this one will go to CG choice, it deserve.*****



This is an excellent painting. You really gave this image the feel of a very old weathered painting. The minor cracks and texturing add so much depth to this image.


I’m sorry, I can’t say anything else. It’s just amazing. There is no word to qualify your work!
I feel the Amano style converted in reallistic, that’s surreal!


You really pulled off the atmosphere very well. I feel like I could touch the character’s face. You hit a nice middle ground in keeping the piece stylized yet making it seem realistic. A great place to be, in my opinion.

This is deserving of 5 stars.


NICE colour choice and well painted" great work.



The face is awesome but the thing that really makes this a winner is the fabric and jewelry detail!


it’s just wow !! i can say nothing !! 5 stars …


I love it~! beautfull~!