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[li] Drawing Simple head(Wilexx) <----Example[/li][li] Drawing Simple head(Wilexx) <----Example[/li][li] Drawing Simple head(Wilexx) <----Example[/li][li] Drawing Simple head(Wilexx) <----Example[/li][/ul]

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 So I just had an idea that I thought was pretty good..I will post reference images and a task much like the daily speed painting section,but there's a twist. Instead of simply posting your finished picture you must post instructions/tutorial on how you drew it. It could be a simple text tutorial or it could be an attached video.

 [u].....There will be a new task every 5 days....[/u]


I will choose the best tutorials and post them above along with the authors CGPortfolio link.That way people can use your tutorials and you can get views on your portfolio,so everyones happy

[u]Thanks and Good Luck![/u]


Ok here is the first referance Image…It can be 2d or 3d…

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Water Effects


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