The Weekend is here!!


Right now its 3:30 pm and at my desk clock watching. Today its a nice 73 degrees outside and just got payed and soo ready for the weekend.

Not really any big plans this weekend except I got a date with this really cute emo girl tomorrow night. Got the first date jitters but hopefully it should go well. She is a fan of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, so got something in common. :thumbsup:

So help me kill time and post any fun weekend plans that my fellow CGtalk members have planned!


I have to work :sad:


Right now its 3:30 pm and at my desk clock watching
Haha I was just doing the same thing!

Going to catch a show (Mamma Mia) and have a nice dinner out.


Danny, go down right on your computer clock, and change it one hour later. That should help with the situation! Good luck with your date. :slight_smile:


it’s pissing rain in Seattle, and I have to sprint up hills tomorrow and sunday as part of my training and then come in to work for the rest of each day. Good Times.

not really


Thanks for the support dog! :thumbsup:


it’s nice here in Cali, as I’m sure the weekend will be too. However I will be spending all those wonderful sunny hours at the office working. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll sneack off a little tonight to go to a party.



Eh, you meant “dawg” right? :slight_smile:


Dont stop doing 3D, dude ! Dont go away like that… why not modeling some nice 3D hot cutie girl of your flavour and have a (homemade) date.


Ohh for shizzel. :smiley:


getting ready to leave for siggraph wooot :smiley:


Clean my place :sad:

and beer :bounce:


I need to get out of here! This weekend I get to buy a suit, yeah, corporate america is sucking my soul away. A few weeks ago I had to get some gag kahki pants, ughh. Well, they tell me I can’t wear my spiderman shirt to work anymore. Oh sorry! and apparantly sandals aren’t so great either, boo, it’s hot in new mexico and I can’t wear my bright red speedo and green fish-net shirt anymore! these people are insane.

Good luck on your date, what is an emo?


I was planing on seeing a friends band tonight (The Katie Todd Band, check them out… they’re going to hit it big soon) and hit 2 bbq’s tomorrow but we just got a project in that’s due Mon! So, I’ll be working… from home at least. I still plane on going to at least on bbq!


Emo is a hybrid of punk rock (short for emotional). Bands like Fugazi, Dashboard Confessional, Saves the Day, and Sunny Day Realestate. Emo kids usually wear cool trendy thrift store shirts, chuck taylors and what not. She has that vibe with short black hair, dark rimmed glasses, black leather arm bands. Really trendy and cute. Thanks for the support.

Ahh CGtalk people wishing me good luck on a first date. I feel good about it now. thanks all. :thumbsup:


I have to work too much of the time:sad:, but tomorrow i’ll be going to the festival “Tokyo Style in Stockholm”. Some of it seems kind of pretentious and arty though; how about: 5 PM; “King Kong Ping Pong Palace”. Creative meeting between art director Katsumi Asaba and graphic designer Gabor Palotai.

Later I’m going to a party at a friends apartment:). I’ll make sure to have a good sushi meal on sunday as well (I used to be a sushi addict).


Ahh, I get it, hopefully it will work out. From your avatar I see that you are a good person with a pile of charisma, so you should have no worries… one more hour…


everyday for me is a weekend!

VACATION ROCKS!!! i have 1 more month of vacation and then highschool (sigh).

going to hang out with friends at somebody’s house and apparantely play some poker also :D.


A little doom 3 and furniture shopping for me this weekend. I need a new couch.



A LOT of Doom III, and some Sketchathons at the Cafe.