The Weasley's Part 2, Stuart Townsend (3D)


Title: The Weasley’s Part 2
Name: Stuart Townsend
Country: USA
Software: CINEMA 4D

Created in Cinema 4D and VRay.

Based on the Weasley home ‘The Burrow’ from the Harry Potter series.

This piece of relies heavily on purchased and free models, but it is more of a lighting study than a piece I claim to have built from start to finish.

Crits welcome.


Few more shots from the same project


Wow! It looks just like I imagined it while reading the books :slight_smile: Great Job


Amazing details youve got here!


Amazing work ,I love the details which include lighting too.
Though I feel lighting on ceiling is bit too much and that silver pot on on stove is getting too much attention may be b’coz of high specular and bright values but this just my personal thinking .
Nice work looking forward for more work from you.

Lighting Reel


Very nice work, love the chaotic lived in feel, awesome work on the details. Just have a look at your roof textures there, it looks like you’ve got a bit of repetitive tiling going on.


Very nice! Love the detail you put into it! Great job!


Very nice project it look like a dslr photos.
5 *


I love it. Amazing work.


Thanks for the feedback guys.
And thanks to the new system, it finally got through to the gallery, after being rejected twice.


Very Nice image,I love more the zoomed view it had a special feel.You got this image rejected with old system?


As you can read in General Discussion, the accepting system has reverted to the old way (luckily, I deem). Your work deserves to be accepted anyway, IMO.
I’d give it four stars, and would be five, just for the fact that such a mass of details strain the eyes :slight_smile:


Good work Stuart
However, what you did in this persons forum was pretty unprofessional or at the very least- unkind… Don’t plug your work when it’s someones time for attention. Give a critique and resubmit when your own work is better, but don’t discourage artists trying to find their way …
Having said that- Good job on the lighting and atmosphere. Congrats on getting your piece accepted.


It was unfair to target an individual with my frustration surrounding the submission system, you’re correct. At least order is restored now.


I think your close up shots are far better than the main render you submitted; and if you’d submitted this again now, it would have been rejected again. You have too many generic textures with no motivated, idiosyncratic detailing, and your modelling placement is very contrived. If you wanted to create a feeling of chaos, you need to work on this a lot more because the impression I get is of very precise order of a lot of objects. Your lighting is also incongruous, as the model and setup would suggest that the interior is being lit from the outside, but this is not the case with your actual lighting setup due the high amount of bounced light everywhere. Lighting is a creative tool; use it as such, as opposed to using it simply to make the scene not black.


Don’t taze me bro. (sis)

It is lit from the outside, the lamps were turned back on for aesthetic reasons alone, they looked rather dull as simple lampshades. However those lights are offering very little in terms of illumination other than their subtle glow. The rest of the scene is lit by a physical sky setup.

I agree it’s all very simple stuff and not at all perfect. I wish I’d had the patience to perfect it in the way you’re suggesting. Unfortunately though, the majority of my time is taken up working on boring cooperate motion graphics jobs and I do this sort of thing for a quick creative release. If I had more time, I could have spent a month (vs 3 days) giving it more effort.


Very nice !


Jeez, I hope you told all that to him when you rejected his image. What you put here is really a lot of helpful stuff and an example of constructive criticism. I wish all rejections be so well motivated and useful.
Actually, when I expressed my opinion in a prec post, I was impressed more by the detail images than by the overall. I tried to convey my uneasyness about the cluttered composition, though.


Unfortunately it’s never been possible to go so indepth, as an average of between 30-50 images are rejected everyday. Considering that with just using the copy-paste rejection messages, the validation process already takes 2-3 hours of my time each day, you can imagine how much longer it would take if a personally tailored message was written for each image not accepted. In an ideal world, people would be told exactly what issues the image has, but, well, I do have a fulltime job and a personal life! This is why the rejection message includes a suggestion to post in WIP, and I always keep an eye out on the WIP forum for people re-posting rejected submissions, in which case I usually chime in with a quick critique (like I did here).


I’m not sure I fully understand why you would take on that task alone to begin with.
If this whole gallery is subject to Leigh’s personal taste, and yes I read what you said about disliking the vast majority of things you allow through, but it’s still based on the acceptance criteria of one person.

Perhaps given your willingness the other day to open the gallery to all, you’re looking for away out of this lengthy and not always fairly judged task. Maybe a pass or reject gallery where all users can freely submit, but their permanent placement in the main gallery is decided upon by votes. That to me sounds like a simple enough solution. Though I don’t doubt that poorly conceived naked women shots would make the cut far more often than most would desire.