The Wax - Dragon, Natascha Roeoesli (2D)


amazing as always!!! :bowdown::thumbsup:


I think u could have worked the dragons hand a bit. But everything else seems fine!:thumbsup:


Beautiful work. I love the colors and the soft feel of the image. Her clothing is really cool too. Nice job. :slight_smile:


When I saw the recomendation pic I instantly knew it is Your work. Fantastic, gentle girl as always. You made my day again.


Wow… nice work:thumbsup:


love the style!


They are very connected. Excellent Story and Appeal.


Hey Kyena

Really like a lot of what I’m seeing here - nice control on materials, interesting color scheme, the fact that it’s a speed paint workup is great - keeps the freshness of that whith the added detail work. Not totally sold on the composition with the dragon clipping the top corner and the disembodied hand coming in the right side, but I know what you’re going for. I checked out your portfolio, really like the Soulcollector face too (as featured in your banner) - really beautifully handled.



You should be proud of this, dear Natascha, your style is getting recognizable and it seems you have found the perfection. Thank you for sharing it, so as the closeups and images of the process. Imagine your art within like 5 years, god!

Lots of greetings, I can’t wait to see your next piece :stuck_out_tongue:


congrates tasha~u did it again:Dthis is incredibly incredible.fabulously done and a frontpage well deserved.:thumbsup:*****


Yay! you have finished it. I Remember when you had this one as your avatar and WIP on your site. I wrote something in your guest book about it. Turned out even better than I thought, congrats! Love the colours. Have really been looking forward to seeing this one xD ok calm down… starting to scare people… btw those don`t look like the hand of a chocolate queen to me :S


Ohh I relly loved this piece, First, the girl gained my attention:love: , I love her haircut and specially her eyes, a very mystical and sensual character, but also kinda powerfull. Then comes the dragon, it’s a very original concept you have there, and you can actually see the tenderness in his eyes and in his shape in general.
Excellent work!


WOW, It has been a while since I commented on a piece here This, however took my breath away, nice, nice work


It looks exactly like a certain someone elses style … nice painting though …


Is it deja vu :curious:
Every week a masterpiece!
Great work Tascha :slight_smile:


thanks for the feedback. I am not quite sure what to add to this. The neck was meant to be a bit further back (at least slightly) but you are probably right.
Thanks for the compliment about Alice - the AD did a great job of providing me with information to recreate their character :slight_smile:

thank you

thank you :]

I’ll check that…should be easy enough to fix that :slight_smile: thanks

thank you

mv also mentioned this. It was actually a decision to leave it like that…but it might have been the wrong one :smiley:

Many thanks =)

That’s great to hear - it means I am finally growing (hopfefully) into a "Tascha-Style)

hisoka liu
thank you :slight_smile:

thank you =)

I am glad they do. Definately something I tried to achieve :]

many thanks! I definately have a lot of work to do with composition. I am actually a good photographer when it comes to having an eye for composition but it is certainly a totally different story if you have to add the elements yourself. I am guessing you would have shown more of the dragons body? and not have him cut into the painting like that?

Thanks for checking the portfolio :slight_smile:

uh no…I would say I am getting better with certain subjects but oh god there is so much I haven’t attempted yet and I am just now getting back to my sketchbook and doing some environment tryouts. I am definately nowhere close to be well rounded and I think perfection is something you can’t and shouldn’t achieve. Thanks a lot for the compliment though .:]

thank you Michael =)

haha - my hands are unfortunately quite stubby - at least I tend to think so. I would kill for really beautiful looking slender hands :smiley:

thank you - that’s a much appeciated compliment indeed :]

thanks a lot to you Jermy :slight_smile:

ok - that is pretty much what an artist doesn’t want to hear (at least not me).
I have a whole lot of styles I paint in - from quite rough/painterly (card art) to semi-realistic. I am lately experimenting with DoF, Light and also trying out different setting for hard edged brushes which pretty much created the effect and style of this.

I am not really sure who I could have copied exactly nor do I intend to copy anyones style. I consider it quite an honor if an artist has his/her own recognizable style.

Just to recap again - I am not trying to copy anyones style I am just trying to understand what subject I am painting.


Didn’t mean to spam with pieces. This one just happened to be almost finished when I started to work on it again and since “Summer comes…” kind of helped me to get over a bad art slump I just felt like finally finishing this one.

Like mentionted, this should have actually been finished for the exposé deadline :slight_smile:


inspiratrional. great work! :thumbsup:


Kyena what can i say … it’s just awesome.
:applause: :love:


Nice colors…