The Wax - Dragon, Natascha Roeoesli (2D)


really nice and appriciale, colors are worked well nd specially the dragon is very detailed.


Great start on creature work !!! :thumbsup:

I love her eyes, very beautiful. The scaled parts on the dragon really jump out nicely. Very beautiful work as always.
Beautiful shading on the hands. :smiley:

:thumbsup: :scream:


Great work, piece of ART!


We were all bewitched by the beautiful goddess!
wonderful work!!!


Good work, you’ve captured the light really well.


I love how you do transparent cloth. The clouds are very convincing. Great cool colours and I especially love the skintones around the shoulders.


I’m going to start sounding like a tape recording, but beautiful work Tascha. The lighting is extremely good. Gorgeous! :slight_smile:


Well! I have to admire your work again! This’s just fascinating. It emits tranquilty for me, that’s why i like it! Keep it up! :thimbsup:


nice work :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Lovely! A splendid painting. I especially like the flowing fabrics and tone of the whole image.

Great job.


Very, very good image. I find you have progressed so much since the first images I know from you and which made their way into the CGChoice Gallery. The last pictures you uploaded are way better in my opinion.

I particularly like the dragon here - really, really cute !

Only two small crits : the arms seem a little bit sketchy compared to the detail in the rest of the picture. I also find her hairstyle a little bit too cool and loose compared to her way of dressing. Although the hair is absolutely super, I still find that a little more sophisticated hairstyle would have matched her dress better.

Anyway, you have another winner here !


Wow, thats AMAZING!
Fantastic colors. lovely image


Really great mood. Even composition being pretty straight ( absurdly complex), I’ve been watching it for a while :slight_smile:


hehehe… congrats Tascha… two pics on CG front page at once!! This has turned out amazingly well, from that rough sketch you posted a while ago… and ho ho, do I see some of the silk you did for the tutorial in 2d artist mag? grins that tut will come in very handy, and you are definitely getting better with every piece you do. I’d have liked some hint of a background in amongst the cloud, but i know how long you’d had this piece around, so I don’t blame you for opting for a more generic background. I love her hair and the shape of her eyes too, you do the most amazing eyes. Every time I see a piece of yours it really does encourage me to keep at digital art, seeing what its capable of. Fantastic!


I’d love to see some of those steps. Thank you :slight_smile:


I love your work. The girl is amazing. A couple of crits though, I think the dragon gets a bit too soft towards the top. Also the arm/claw coming in from the right side does a good job of balancing out the entire image but it looks a bit odd to me. Other than that fantastic work. 5 Stars! BTW love your image of Alice. The faces you give your women are very seductive.


Great image! :thumbsup:

4* :slight_smile:


thank you :] the idea was to have the dragon in some kind of wrapped around composition around her - to emphasize the protection - which is in term kind of sarcastic because the dragon actually needs her protection too. (hehe - I am starting to babble…)

   yeah it's an asian inspired girl this time. At least more asian looking then western. I am really fond of asian elements and plan to incorporate them some more in my future paintings :]
   Glad you like it
   Thanks again Matt! Actually I was considering that but I kinda like it as a more designish element..and staying in the background. It was definately not lazyness but a decision to leave it like that. :]
   no kidding Katherine, this went to so many changes when I first started painting. I am definately planing on doing an overview/step-by step of this (same for summer actually)
   Thank you :] haha yeah a woman again huh? Tell you what, I am planning on a male and more creature/monster painting next. Gotta devlope and challange myself! 
   thank you kindly :]
   close-ups are up now - I can upload some more but it looks actually quite messier then you would think from the normal version :D
   Mille grazie, Andrea
   that's a great compliment as I was trying to give him some kind of sensuality from the start - he changed quite a bit during the process - from looking extremely young to older for example. I tend to think that I had the sensuality in there from the least somewhat :]
   Thanks, I am glad you enjoy this piece =)
   tomas slobodnik
   thank you - much appreciated :]
   muchas gracias =)
   thanks to you as well - glad you like it
   thank you waheed
   until now I have mostly done character illustrations of mostly humans. I really enjoyed playing around with a creature for ones and will definately do more.
   I am glad that the connection somewhat works. I tried to show a bond between them in both composition and some little elements (like he taking the flower from her hand without her being conserned at all (looking at the viewer instead) or she having one of his (no clue what they are called) wrapped around her finger like a weddingring (not sure if people actually notice that though ;))
   The neck are is actually not covered by that shell like his head (which is probably a bit unrealistic but ah well..) thus looking a bit more waxy 
   Thank you very much. I am even more flattered about your comment then and also thank you for the visit of my website too :]
   haha I am starting to get stuck up if people keep commenting on my threads more then one ;) 
   Many thanks for the compliment and comment :]
   hah! didn't miss your comment this time. Thanks again JM and sorry - I was away all evening and didn't see your message on MSN until now.
   thank you
   ah she is not a godess - but she actually looks a bit like one? Maybe I overdid a bit with the headpiece 
   thank you - I am also quite happy with the light (venturing more into special light situation). I am not really sure if that light as really correct, sometimes it's really hard for me to imagine it and it might be a bit wonky here and there.
   Dan thank you! yes - I tried to incorporate the color that appears a bit blueish around her shoulder (the shadow) into other parts but I don't really have the fully grasp of it yet..I am also happy how it turned out there though.
   ahh Aly but I love when you sound like a tape recorder;) thank you very much. Did you get my pm btw? I was not sure if it did get sent or not :/
   Many thanks 
   thanks a lot :]
   Many thanks - I though it might create a nice arch (arc?) around the girl with her floating arm clothing and the dragon :] 
   Ok and as promised here are the crappy references I used for the hands.
   our stupid digital camera is broken - the stop you get to autofocuse the sharpness before taking the shot is not there anymore (button is broken) and it gets almost impossible to create sharp pictures :( 
   Really need to start saving up for a new camera. Well it was/is an old one anyway and I am actually hoping I can borrow some of the digital cameras of my parents..
   Thanks a lot for the feedback Gitte. I find it hard to add details to arms because to me, specially on girls they tend to not have pronounced muscles I can shade. Or if I do they look too manly to me. Something I definately have to improve though.
   What do yu mean by more sophisticated? More strict? or More complicated? =)
   She actually had two buns covered with a head veil and some of this asian pins in it to start of with. But I thought she looked too much martial artist like that :D
   many thanks Jorge =)
   DDS yes I tend to think of it as some kind of portrait done for them. Thus the straight foward  look of the girl. To be honest though - I haven't been painting a straight into the camera face in ages and I thought the 3/4 is kind of overdone by me right now. Besides to have the dragon not in full frontal was quite more challenge for me (just shows how little understanding I have of dragon bonestructure yet ;))
   @_@ that "h" in your name really caused me troubles :p I had to retype your handly about 4 times. I actually had some ancient ruins in there and much more complicated clouds (you will see that if you are taking a look at the step-by-step of this which I am planing. However I thought it was too crowded for the already quite cramped canvas. 
   Actually I started this piece then got the request for the tutorial and thought why not reuse some of the colors and elements I used in this - so shame on me ;)
   Thanks very much for the lengthy comment Sam. <3
   DDS: I will definately put something together
   Thanks for all the feedback!


hey, what´s that? One work after another, better and better hiting the home… :scream:


Wow, you doing great, this piece is very prety, the story behind is very interesting too.
Keep sharing this beauty with us.




Crit for just crit: The ring finger could be just a little bit shorter… (In no way it disturbs the painting tho)