The Wax - Dragon, Natascha Roeoesli (2D)


Title: The Wax - Dragon
Name: Natascha Roeoesli
Country: Greece
Software: Photoshop

In ancient times, Wax - Dragons have been known to humans as sources of great wisdom.
Some of their body parts consist of wax elements and are very weak to physical attack. Thus those parts are covered with a transparent shell (specially the chest area - horns and parts of the head) which is supposed to gain them at least a minor protection against predators and heat.
Due to their great weakness and the fact that they are not meant to fight but rather serve as sources of inspiration and advisors, they have been driven very close to extinction.

It takes a long time until a Dragon of this kind makes friendship with a human being. A symbiosis which is however essential for their survival.
They are creatures of snakelike, delicate appearance and feed only on plants. Their character is very tender and protectful which in terms makes them even more vulnurable and weak.

Once a Wax - Dragon has found a human companion it stays loyal until it’s death.

This was actually meant to be finished for Exposé but due to work I didn’t have time to finish it earlier.

It’s Photoshop CS2 from scratch till the end and started as a speed point of the girl. It was then when I realized that I have to expand my mind and start painting other creatures. The story of that particular dragon started to form when I started to think about how to paint and invent my own dragon.

I see this as a start to more creature and nonhuman elements sipping into my work :slight_smile:

As always, I hope you enjoy :slight_smile:
Matt: Thanks a lot in the cc and feedback for the Dragon!
As promised, some close-ups at 100% and 50% mixed:

Sidenote: I have over 30 Steps of this saved…my comp is about to crash I think >_<

I forgot to add - I didn’t use any reference or material to stud for this but two really bad out of focus and yellowish fotos of my hands. They do however look nowhere near delicate and slender as hers and I don’t have long nails either. I am most probably going to post them along as soon as this is accepted into the forum :slight_smile:


Wow… I love the translucence and color depth in the dragon’s scales. Very interesting composition… Great work !!!



wow~really a girl with dragon!nice asia looking girl~:applause: this time I like it,hehe ,nice dragon design,looks little like snake,but pretty good~love ur paiting and color~keep the good works up~:thumbsup:


it turned out great :slight_smile: one of my favourites from you! maybe you could have worked the dragon hand a bit more :stuck_out_tongue:


It is so nice to see her finished. She, and her dragon, have come a long way into believability. Any nitpicking crits from me still have to wait.


Fantastic job – and the wax effect on the surface of the dragon is perfect. And, of course, a beautiful woman. Excellent all the way around.


fantastic!! I love it!


I’m glad you finally finished this piece, it’s very well done. The girl’s face is awesome, I’d kill for a close-up, twice even.


This image is beautiful as all your works!! :applause::deal::applause:
You’re a great artist!


wow!.. first time i see a dragon looking so sensual. tricky… Your composition helps too in to make it charmfull. That’s a great picture!!


what else to say than exceptional work here. really like the colors


:thumbsup: niiiiiiiccee job dragon is fantastic and superb girl almost her dress and very good composition 4/5*




Beautiful work, I love it:thumbsup:


beautifully done Natascha…:). i like how u did her face, hair, veil and those delicate fingers (of the girl)…:). dragon’s face looks good too.


Great job on the dragon! The lady is rather beautifully painted too :slight_smile:
Would love to see more creatures, seems like you have an aptitude for that :slight_smile:


stares :drool:

Tascha! I can’t stop looking at this painting. It is my favourite of yours so far for sure. I just adore the lighting and the connection between the two characters.

I struggle with fabric, but you paint fabric so well, it looks so delicate and you capture the weight so wonderfully.

The dragon looks wonderful too! You have captured the texture, especially on the neck area, very waxy! :smiley:

I impatiently wait for your next painting!

Truly inspirational!


I’m not an “replying person” but i can’t pass this thread without droping my extreem admiration of your work! :slight_smile:
i’ve seen your webpage too… wonderful stuff! Love it!


Gorgeous image! :thumbsup:


Say it again It’s really a fantastic work! I love it! great