The War Machine, Ted Terranova (3D)


Awesome war machine.


Wow! Really great

Nice work ! very coll


The entire concept is just awesome, it makes me think of something out of Steamboy whenever I look at it. Really good story too, nice job!


Awesome work. Great modelling, texturing, and composition–it’s very dynamic.

The subject matter is intriguing, perhaps you could show us what some other vehicles from that time period look like? Say, a siege engine or ironclad ship?


very nice! good job!


neat stuff, love the lighting and atmospheric
any advise on how u went about creating the dust there? the fire looks really cool… (or whatever that lava looking stuff is)


amazing scene, action, fire, people! Congratulation for the spectacular runner up!



amazing. brilliant. awesome. I want more


Congratulations again, Ted!!:thumbsup: A very dynamic composition.5 stars from me!:scream:


just drop by and congratulate u again my friend:)i knew u’d be one of the winner and now an award well deserved::scream:u’ve done a spectacular job indeed!


When I first saw this piece I thought you’d lifted the concept from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life . The whole opening sequence involves an accounting building that sets sail as a pirate ship. It’s referencing a slightly older era than your work here, but it’d probably be good inspiration should you ever choose to do any companion pieces. Doesn’t hurt that it’s wickedly funny as well.

As for your actual work, I’m impressed. The idea of a land ship is truly ridiculous, and you’ve brought that across quite well. I only have a few criticisms.

First, the railings and building decoration at the top look a bit tacked on to the design. I understand that the bottom is supposed to be practical and armored, but it feels like the two different regions need to bleed into one another more. Maybe a few more subtle “building” references in the lower half.

Second, it seems like the flames from the furnace would catch that exposed balcony timber on fire in seconds.

Great work in general, sir. Keep it up.


Great modeling and texture. Fantastic work


Well, i’ve just seen this in the PC magazine for January 2006. Rise of what was it called?


Just an interesting note: during the First World War the Royal Navy DID develop land ships, as they were originally called, but you may know them better by the code name they were given to make German spies think that plans about them were for large water holding containers: Tanks.


wow, great concept, excellent work…


:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: very nice work:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Fantastic! Really Fantastic! Great scene, nice models, lighting… 5 stars! :drool:


Reminds me of a game… can’t remember which one though (maybe it was Grandia 2). Like it :love:


it just…just…just…just great…


Amazing surreality. The juxtaposition of the upper balconies and lower mass really gives the viewer a perspective on what historic and antiquated engineering would produce. Awesome!

Edited to add compliments to your dialogue, as well. Nicely done, overall.