The War Machine, Ted Terranova (3D)


I like it,it’s very very good!:slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Now this one is top notch. I like the feel of the image and the matter used! :thumbsup:


5 stars from me. Good choice award :thumbsup:


well , I’m not surprise
you deserve that
great model, texture and volume
five for you


This is proof to how important pre production and block out the idea is for great work. Just astonishing concept.


I agree will all previous comments, Great work…funny and artistic.


Can you please excuse me while I drool over my keyboard?

Wow! Brilliant! I love it!


That is so freakin’ awesome! Love it!


Very well done! The story complements the artwork quite well also! A great realization of a retro fantasy machine. Thumbs UP!:thumbsup:


yeah~u’ve made it into cgchoice!one of the winner for sure:)good luck mate


Very nice, what if the poms were marauding steam-punks? That land ship would be quite the deathstar of such an age! Great modelling and render too. :thumbsup:


Amazing ! Idea, composition, color, light … everything “talking” to me !


Simply awesome.


awsome, trully awsome!!!


wow cool impressive , but i think that solders may in dinamyks …


Great work! :thumbsup: :applause: amazing piece!

But probably a logistical nightmare for the mechanics in the fields! :smiley:


Haha. This is cool. :thumbsup: It reminds me of that huge robot in the anime “Robot Carnival”. If you haven’t seen it try check it out!




Bitchin’! Excellent work on all levels.


thats very cool and interesting.


good!i like it