The War Machine, Ted Terranova (3D)


Title: The War Machine
Name: Ted Terranova
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max

This is my spectacular entry. Thanks to everyone who gave ideas and crits throughout the process. It was a really fun challenge. Here is the story which describes the image…

While searching through the archives of the Royal British Navy I made a Spectacular discovery. I had uncovered the long forgotten field reports for a prototype war machine developed by the Yorkshire Iron Works.

Apparently the British navy was concerned with the widespread use of railways and motorcars to transport goods and military material. The admiralty feared that with a lessening importance in naval commerce the British navy’s role in future conflicts would be reduced so they decided to develop a land ship! I found no plans for this war ship but there was a single rendition of the great machine quelling a rebellion in one of Britain’s Far East colonies. One can see its massive arms smashing through the walls of the local stronghold; the rebelling forces cringing before it’s might. Designed in the tradition of great British warships, the captain and officers rode high atop the vehicle, directing the combat from ornately decorated balconies befitting their status. Lower down the machine was built of simple riveted iron armor. Huge pipes twisted together to harness the massive steam pressures generated by the monstrous boilers that moved the great machine. The crew in these lower levels was not as lucky as the officers above. Here they either shoveled coal into the great furnaces or manned the gigantic long-range cannons. It must have been a fearsome sight on the battlefield.

Amazingly enough it was politics, which sealed the fate of this engineering marvel. The Royal Mounted Cavalry refused to accept a machine into their ranks. Documents show that they felt man and horse had always controlled land battles and a huge, loud, lumbering monstrosity had no place on the modern field of battle. As a result the project was closed. The only prototype was dismantled while all plans and records of the endeavor were archived so as not to attract criticism.

I can only imagine how history might today be different had this great work not been dismissed. We have only one spectacular image with which to imagine what it was like to stand before this massive machine of war.


Yeah ! Nice work ! very coll
go on ,good luck!


spectacular !! :eek:




5 stars from me.

so artistic… in the same time, that’s looking spectacular and all is well done, the color palet etc… superb work :wink:


4 stars! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I love the aesthetics of this piece, it makes me think about how that would work in real life.

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nice work…:thumbsup:


great design, I like it. :twisted:


Great work. I like robot very much, fantastic crazy idea:thumbsup:


great idea~cool!thank you~


Wow! Very nice, excellent, image. The crumbling wall and atmosphere effect are subtle but big contributors to the piece overall. Great!


Wow!! Cool Image. I hope they put this on the frontpage so that more people will get to see it. Such a cool idea…beautifully rendered atmosphere as well. You managed to capture chaos and elegance all at the same time. :smiley: 5 stars from me


awesome work…the textures really come out well in the high-res version & I love the fire burning inside…well done!


Magnificent work man, and yet i dont know what is more incredible your pic or your discovery.
Awsome stuff man.
5 stars from me.
Cheers man.


I love this scene! Great work, and nice dust.


Incredible! The idea is really awesome. Love about everything in this image. Keep up the work :applause:


very very very very cool…


amazing piece! too bad they didn’t ask you to design the spider vehicle in Wild Wild West (Will Smith movie in case the reference isn’t known)


long time no see some work from you ted, definitivly a hit! your scenerey skills have improved a lot, congrats ! just love the right hand crushing the wall…


It’s very great work! I like it!