The Walled City, Stefan Morrell (3D)


Title: The Walled City
Name: Stefan Morrell
Country: New Zealand
Software: 3ds max, finalRender, Photoshop

Another futurescape,with this image I’m trying to push myself into using more color,

Inspired by the layered & cluttered look of Kowloon walled city(which has now been torn down & made into a park)…
along with the obvious Blade Runner/Fifth Element etc

thanks for viewing

Some more images:



Fantastic work! Nice to see the details and model shot. I’d be very interested in anything you might post re: techniques used.


wow! really impressive work! amazing level of detail!


Waao … I like ur style
great detailing
4 stars


Pretty nice image :thumbsup:
Good scenery, nice modeling, good textures and overall mood!
How long did the whole scene took to create?



beautiful work as always! I love the mix of old world and futuristic theams. Just one crit, the soft glow on the ship seems a bit too much. With that kind of light intensity I think you would see more hard reflections off the edges. Just a thought.



hi :slight_smile:
I like your works and rich details a lot.
congrats :smiley:
I have one small crit: I think some materials need some reflections, speculars.


great image !
i like details and modeling


WOW arealy great style

man !! you know how to use finalrender in arealy great and wonder ful way.:thumbsup:

keep it up I realy like it :slight_smile:


Very nice, good attention to detail. Some areas look a little posterized and therefore a bit flat. Is the DOF in render or post? it is causing some artifacts in some areas of the image.

Good work:thumbsup:


*fantastic works!!!:bounce::bounce:


OMG, this is very nicely done Stefan! Great little details. If you go for more clear green on foliage, it will be even more dreamlike and colorfull. No less than 5* for you :slight_smile: Keep up great work.


Hi Stefan.:thumbsup:
Very nice deateil.very clean.
Really great job.Good luck.5*

Hamed katebi


Pretty amazing. There’s a harshness to some edges like some over sharpening was done. I love the feel. I’d love to see more people in it. A fellow climbing that ladder on the left would really sell the height and sense of peril. I love the depth cueing with the fog. Someone dangling their legs, having a smoke, off one of those rail-less sidewalks would be coolThe entire right hand side looks painted almost. Before zooming and looking at your detail views, I thought this was a stunning 2D matte painting that had been mis-posted.


congrats , excellent level of details

supoerbe textures work’s
great atlmosphere
nice rendering

all is good or you ;à i like , vrey good job :slight_smile:
i vote for it


Very interesting concept!!! good work!! :thumbsup:


So much detail! So much to look at. Great job.


i can just say: wow!
there is no many works that i can star them with 5stars. but if i do not give u 5 stars, i treasoned u!


hooOoo! thats great work. really worth to be on frontpage,
highly detailed and nicely used colors.:slight_smile:


Wow Insane detail! Great job!