The Villiage!!?


ok, just got back from the movie. i dont even know what to think, all i know is i must see it again, for some reason.


That’s too bad. Shyamalan has made quite a lucrative living off of duping people into seeing his nonsensical, poorly written but well directed, bad films since Six Sense. I’ll never understand why people still go to see his films after he continually slaps audiences in the face! This one hasn’t even been getting good reviews, so even setting aside prior convictions, I’ll be passing on this one.


I’ll watch it at a matinee, Shyamalan isn’t worth full price ever since Sixth Sense.



Whatever you think this movie is going to be, throw that out your head because it’s not that. This is a pretty decent movie but no Sixth Sense not even at the level of Signs. But I will say that it was a good movie just go in there with a open mind.


downhill from sixth sense??? sorry but i fell asleep watching that, it was sooooo boreing, it wasn’t even good dialog, and the less said about signs the better, I mean fancy aliens with the technology to go round the universe going to a planet with lots of surface water and humidty and rain when water kills them :sad: so very dissapointed. :frowning:

I wont lie i think my unrational hatered for that little kid in sixth sense made me disinterested before i went, but like all hollywood stuff, if a director makes one bad but high grossing film then he can make as many other bad ones as well as funding will be there for him.


i heard it was an anti-bush administration movie. Indirectly somehow. Is that true? Something about creating fake fear? excuse this confusing post, just trying to get clarification.


my wife wants to go see this movie, which is strange, since she really doesn’t like scary movies… Ill post what I think of it after I see it this evening.


Why does anyone ever listen to movie reviewers? They always seem to think the opposite of me. Anyways it looks interesting to me so I’ll see it this weekend.


You guys are so plot driven. Shyamalan’s strengths are characterization and setting certain moods, not plot points.

I always assumed it was something in the tap water (chlorine, florine, etc…) which caused the aliens problems in “Signs”. Hence the reason for shots showing the glasses of water with suspended particles in them.

P.S. “i heard it was an anti-bush administration movie” - Clever marketing. I wonder if I can use that to make people want to see the Bambi VS Godzilla short I did a while ago.


If you think about it the water idea wasn’t really all that bad. Sure the earth is mostly composed of water, but did any of you stop and think that maybe that’s why the aliens only stayed on the planet for one night during harvest?

I’ll be seeing the Village tonight. I hope its better than Unbreakable though!


I enjoy his movies. I really liked Unbreakable and I am looking forward to seeing this new one.


I really enjoyed Unbreakable, and while Signs isn’t one of my favorite films, i still was entertained by it. I’ll be seeing The Village, i’ll reserve judgement till then.



this is what I get for reading fox news huh?,2933,127106,00.html


Unbreakable is one of the best movies in the history of film.


I wouldn’t go that far. :sad:


I would :thumbsup:


The Sixth Sense was fantastic. I thought it was cool how watching it a second time was almost like watching a whole new movie, because of the revelations at the end.

Unbreakable was likewise great. Loved the direction, the look, the idea. What it could’ve done without is that mass-market concession at the end (the little text blurbs tying off the loose ends). I pretty much refuse to acknowledge those were there, but they certainly left a sour taste in my mouth when I first watched it.

The first half of Signs was awesome. Creepy, ominous, foreboding. Then they had to ruin it all with the godawful second half. And the heavy-handed explanations for all the stupid people out there got old. As did the convenient plot devices.

Leave out the Hollywoodization, and his films were actually really cool. As they got bigger, though, it seems they made more concessions to the “stupid” people. I’m hoping The Village mark a bit of a turnaround.


Regarding Signs, I heard the ‘water-argument’ before. Why would any race (alien or otherwise) visit a place that is so dangerous to them ?.. well, I’ve seen many documentaries about people standing on the edge of a volcano about to erupt, or chasing deadly tornados, or swimming with dangerous sharks… why oh why are they taking these risks… ?!

The fact that Signs didn’t give the motivation for the aliens to take their risk doesn’t make it a bad movie. I had the impression that the aliens where only secondary to the story anyway, that the story was about coincidence (or the idea that coincidence doesn’t exist) and the idea that sometimes you need to make a leap of faith… but I could be completely wrong of course. Nevertheless, I liked it.


I liked the ideas behind the movie. I liked the whole coincidence and leap of faith thing. What I didn’t lik was how heavy-handed it was in its approach. The audience was pretty much getting constantly beaten over the head with the whole thing, which I thought would have worked really nicely as an undercurrent, instead of the raging tsunami it turned out to be.


I think i’ll pass on this film. Only the fact that half of the trailer praises the previous many successfull Shamalan’s films such as “Sixth Sense” brings the smell of cheese in my brain. No thanks.