The Ventricular, Duc Truong Huyen (2D)


Title: The Ventricular
Name: Duc Truong Huyen
Country: Vietnam
Software: Painter, Photoshop

What do you “think” when the only thing that beating is inside your cranium? What do you think when your life is wired and piped, networked life sometime is most derelict thing existed I ever knew.

Currently I’m in my graduation term now so WOAH, no playing around anymore. But I still manage to sneak out and paint something for my Insight featuring on Advanced Photoshop mag this 22nd April. Hope you like this.

This is revived from a old artwork of mine, some photo references taken from inside my comp.


good work guy !


Very very amazing work Duc! Very cool concept!


Beautiful work, I love the way you did the textures


wow, nice work, I like the textures as well, and the palette makes it feels cold and machinery. really cool work!


Very nice. I love all of the wires and such for the cyborg. The rad parts under the chin don’t entirely work (a wee bit too bright), but I know what you were going for. I like all of the brush texturing you did, and my favorite part is that thick, woven cord coming from her in the bottom right (my right, her left). Keep it up. Very well done.


Thank you guys, especially linainverse23 for very dedicated comment and crit. :smiley:


Look great, love it


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