The upper platform


Two floors higher than the landing platform, we watch the playful constructs dancing with the light swirls. Our world is glowing in its brightest splendor as it approaches its latest hours

Each time we’re born, we struggle to see beyond. Beyond the boundary, the darkness where even the light swirls hardly dare to adventure. With the powerful light and we already gone, incredible things happened out there. Fantastic creatures with infinite power will reshape our world, setting again and again new rules and new foundations so we can be born again

There it is. The transport approaches. I’ll climb in spirals to the uppermost platform, trying once again to glimpse beyond the rugged peaks
Our structure grows higher with every cycle. I’m convinced that soon we’ll be tall enough.


Looks very interesting. You could enter a poetry contest simultaniously with this one :slight_smile:


I consider the included text as important as the image :).
Thanks for what I consider a positive appeciation.


Pure Dream land:thumbsup:…Great work!


The main building has a very nice concept, congrats


Well thank you all!
There are many details not available due to the “low” resolution. I think it’s the case for many of the other entries too… Wish I was in the jury :)…


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