The Unhappy Clown, Mats Holmberg (2D)


Title: The Unhappy Clown
Name: Mats Holmberg
Country: Sweden
Software: Photoshop

I ´was given the task of making a pic of a clown so i thought I’d depict their true nature - their EVIL nature!
We’ve all heard about the clowns who are “laughing on the outside, but crying inside”? Well this clown is more like… screaming inside.

Crits are very welcome.

I might aswell point out that I chose to paint the machete as if it was cleaned after the… massacre. I did that so it’d stand out more from the background to make it more obvious what’s just taken place.



Beautiful work man! I like it very much!
Love the attention for the blood-wet things and great work with the light.


Great! I like it,especially his face.


Amazing technique!
Pretty scary, but really nice work



really nice work


Clown killer :twisted: evil idea hehehe


Sick… really like the texture quality to the painting.

Keep it up,



ok that’s a REALLY sad clown, lol. i didn’t expect to see the blood bath when i was scrolling down, that made me laugh.


Thanks for the kind words. I will keep it up! :wink:

I thought I might post a close up aswell, so you can see the brushwork upclose. I usually paint so I can see the whole pic at once, and only zoom in to fix parts of certain need of detailing, like the face.


Mmm, nice. I agree with the arlier comment about the wet look of the bloody surroundings, s’good touch. The one thing I’d say is that given this clown’s bloodied up the the elbow, it feels odd that the blade in his left hand that I assume was use to hack up the poor souls is almost completely clean and shiney.


:wink: Is that explanation enough?


Facepalm Yes, actually, that would be a very good explanation. Pardon me, must pay more attention to the description.


Amazing work.
This work going to my gallery…


Awsome stuff!!!


Looks like Rembrandt having a bad day…You did an excellent job of portraying an inner battle–that poor clown looks so resigned. Standing at attention, listening to the voices in his head? Perhaps a little more modelling on the face to match the delicacy of the shirt and arm would make this more apparent. I love the seamed/doughy look, but his face gets a little bit lost compared to that amazing gore and the hard edges of his knife.
Very cool :smiley:


Hiya. Very nice rendering.

A small thing, but i think the bloody hand in the background offsets the composition a little.


this clown is awsome and if my older sister saw this she would flip. she hates clowns and this thing is just done awsomely. maybe a lil more clean up on the face but its a great thought.


Thanks for your feedback!

I kinda agree about the hand offsetting the composition a bit… and originally, it wasn’t planned to be there at all. I just happened to paint somethin resembling a hand, and then I rendered it a bit - and once it was there, i thought it sort of gave the pic a slight… funny edge, so i kept it. :wink:



i think this is excellent…


Really good work. I like the expression on face of the sad evil clow.