The Undertals, Reza Ghobady (3D)


Title: The Undertals
Name: Reza Ghobady
Country: Iran
Software: 3ds max, Digital Fusion, Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

We are witnessing the emergence of the most peculiar and fascinating creatures ever created in the ocean.

The “Undertals” reach the shores of a small and dry island in the ocean on a large leaf shaped like a bundle. Trying to discover their roots and understand how they came to this island, they begin their exploration with much curiosity, causing mayhem and excitement on the first day of their arrival. Or is it the first day of their lives?

These creatures were created as a pre-production package for a television series in HD.

The production team consisted of:
Executive Producer and Project Manager: Reza Ghobady
Project Sponsor: Vishka Assayesh
Original Idea: Ali Chenari
Director: Ali Chenari
Character Concepts: Hamed Kamali
Environment Concepts: Kian Kiani
Modelers: Bahram Najand, Faraz Sayadi, Reza Ramezani
Textures: Bahram Najand, Faraz Sayadi
Shading: Faraz Sayadi
Rigging: Faraz Sayadi
Animation: Abed Nattaj, Alireza Shahramfar
Lighting, Rendering, Compositing: Faraz Sayadi


Haha love these creatures. Nice colors!


all characters are so nice and very cute.
I like this style of animation.
Best Regards.


Thank you for the feedback; very glad you like them.


thanks of your all support reza.:slight_smile:


You’re very welcome; thank you for directing! :wavey:

Just wanted to re-post these pictures because they were included as links in the original post and I can’t edit my original post.


Front page [color=orange][color=yellow]5 [/color]star :thumbsup: [/color]


Front page [color=orange][color=yellow]5 [/color]star :thumbsup: [/color]

Thanks a lot but are you sure it’s not because you did the environment concepts? :slight_smile:


and again thanks of your support.:slight_smile:


Very funny . I like


Love the style and colors.
Can`t wait to see the animation.


@rezatayebi, @Eduardd, @ Kiankiani: Thank you for your comments, glad you like them.


Good work! I love it!!


Thank you for the great comment SGGDik. :smiley:


wooow , very very very nice :beer:


Amazing design of creatures and so sweet atmosphere!


Your art is so amazing!! I love your style!
Keep it up!


@mamali132002, @yuriki, @mr-max: We’re thrilled that you like them so much and thank you for your great comments.


wonderful work, would love to see a sample clip if there’s one


Really cool work