The two mighty kings, Jack Zhang (3D)


Title: The two mighty kings
Name: Jack Zhang
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop, XSI


The Monkey King run into King Kong on his new journey to the west. He heads to west alright, but this time perhaps a bit too west.

Kong, the king of the jungle roars at the little one who stands in front of him,and raises his giant iron fist. He is about to smash whatever or whoever is in his way.

The monkey gazes into the flaming eyes of the massive black. Alertly he waits for the beast to make its move.

A battle of the two mighty kings is about to start.


This work was created for CGchallenge-steampunk legends&myths. It took me roughly a month and half to complete.

I wanted to create an image, where two legendary characters from two different cultures face each other: The monkey king from the famous Chinese legend, and King Kong from the west. I wanted to create as much contrast as possible, such as size, weight, color, light, as well as culture difference.

These two characters are both king in their world. Both mighty, yet in different ways. One is massive, heavy, brutal, and powerful. The other is small, light, quick, and intelligent. I have no intention to foreseen the result of the fight. I only wish the viewers enjoy the tension between the two, who stand on the edge of a battle.

you can visit the work in progress thread for more details at

Special thank goes to Joel Dos Reis Viegas and Carolyn Laplante, who gave me great help on lighting and coloring. As well as Donglu Yu, who gave me huge support everyday during the challenge and never fail to believe in me.

You can visit their website at:

I hope you enjoy the image.


Really great jack i like everything in that picture, good job!


Wow great work.
I really like the mood of your picture! Amazing lighting
and great detaills! Thumbs up!


Nice works! the modeling is great, 4 star from me.

IMHO: the biceps is too short, so looks like the arm is crash each other. and I hope that CG challange is bring new Idea, but the Robot kingkong is already exist.

but your kong is better! Nice job!


It’s really nicely done Jack. Love it. Congrats!:bounce:


you alreadyknow what i think of this

less than 5 stars would be a steal
so here they are



Amazing and inspiring work.
Your work is very, very good and consistent. Congrats! :slight_smile:


Awesome! The colour and the comp are great.


fantastic work


Very well done!

  • |EW| ±Jedi∙Joel±


whoa, i remember seeing the WIP for this.

it was epic then, and now its even MORE epic!
this should be in the gallery!


Not sure if I understand how this piece falls into the 3* category. I guess people are more into zbrushed superheroes nowadays.

Anyway, I got few questions, off the forum, about how I achieved the look of Kong by not using any textures. Here is something that i did not show in my work in progress thread. I’d like to share with you now.

Those 6 shaders helped me on achieving the 2d paint type of result.

The top 3 are the shaders that I created for this challenge. I was inspired by many references that other artists posted in their WIP. They are light-based procedural shaders, no textures were used, therefore they take quite long to render. Each of them took me about average of 9 hours with my close-to-5-years-old-station.The bottom 3 are quite common. They are AO and lambert shaders. The first lambert shader with better contrast was used to nail down my lights and the second lambert helped me to keep the volume of the character.

The flames in the eyes and mouth, along with the red/orange reflections from the metal were hand painted.

To Ryan: Thanks for the link. I can see it’s been made now. Didn’t know that. Haven’t looked at those type of Japanese show. Yet that doesn’t bother me much, i meant knowing a robot Kong has been made. I’m sure you’ve seen enough of superheros in this forum and people never gets tired of making them. Not mentioning that King Kong has three versions in films now. I’m sure there will be another version in 10 years. Does the subject makes the artist less creative? In my humble opinion, not necessarily.


This is awesome, 5* from me without a doubt.


JackZhang very very cool work!

Me likey :slight_smile:


Great atmosphere with your colors, and of course the glowing face of Kong:D
Very cool, 4stars


The Kong character is totally awesome. I love the expression and the glowing face.

Good job


wow Jack, I wonder how I missed this! Awesome thing you shared with us your make-of work :slight_smile: I’m really glad to see that you followed this -no textures/UVs- method of texturing your vastly detailed work (I also did not do any uvmapping to avoid working for centuries :D)…
Your work surely deserves 5 stars my friend, which are too few indeed for such a final piece!
A beautifully crafted character always gets the award he deserves, no matter if he’s made by pushing several billions of triangles or just with painfull traditional modeling :wink:
Keep the great work coming :applause:


Great concept, and very well executed! 5 stars!


Really cool jack ! I was sad for you when I saw 3* but you rise to 4* and maybe a 5* hehe! Thats great ! Maybe a cg choice award? Good luck and good work !


The mood is amazing, great work with lighting ! Very dramatic image, pleasant to watch.