The Two Bladed Elf, Kyoung-min Cho (2D)


Title: The Two Bladed Elf
Name: Kyoung-min Cho
Country: Korea (South)
Software: Painter, Photoshop

My name is kyoung-min Cho and I’m an illustrator and concept artist from South Korea.

I’ve seen lots of good work here, but this is the first time I’m posting a work of my own: this is the picture of a female elf warrior holding two swords.

Please do tell me how you find it, and I wish all of you a nice day!


Holeeee Cow! this is great stuff! love the detail n colors!!! nuthing much to crit about really…its very cool! 4 stars from me…wheee…first reply!


this is amazing, love the pose! :bounce:


Great picture!:thumbsup:
Good flow in the character en nice shading!!

She looks a bit manly in her face though… I think the nose is a little bit to big and to sharp…
But then again she is a warrior… so she should be a bit manly :slight_smile:


Wow! that looks awsom!!! just beautiful… looks like she’s about to give herself 1 hell of a haircut… :slight_smile:


I hope you work as illustrator since a lot of years, because I’ve started now to try to work in this field and I’m a little discouraged…I love your work, and I hope to reach your results!!!


Beautiful and elegant.:thumbsup:


This picture is wery well done, my main critique is that were she actually to go into battle, she would be defenceless. Without armor as soon as she swung one of her swords she sould leave exposed flesh on her sides and any good swordmaster would kill her quickly. Also, her hait would probly make her trip. However from a purly artistic standpoint very well done, i like the play on light and shadow


I love the background design, i’ve been thinking of doing something with an all black background but more of a velvet cheap elvis picture kind of vibe, good job. Love the hair flow, that’s the biggest thing about this… the HAIR. 3 stars :thumbsup:


Yes very elegant. Front page work:thumbsup:


well executed, stylish and very dynamic! I agree that the face is rather manly - the nose too sharp perhaps; her breast looks like she’s had implants (ie it has form but doesn’t seem to have natural weight); and she has pretty big feet! anyway, I still think it’s good :slight_smile:


intressting pose, nice overall :slight_smile:


Simply - great work! :slight_smile:


Very nice, I love the detail(I’m a sucker for detail :D) The figure is great but I would have liked some kind of environment for her to be in. But anyways good job :slight_smile:

Oh and theswardsman, armor is overrated :wise: hehe. Seriously though, historically around the 15th century, plate armor became pretty useless with the introduction of thrusting weapons. There wasn’t much point to wearing it since it could easily be bypassed. So they just stopped using it and focused more on ability to fight.


nice work!
although the arms look a bit stiff and the hair is (as above mentioned) a bit long, the overall details are amazing:)
wonder how much time it takes too finish one like this?


Beautiful piece! I love the details and design of the armor.

Simply stunning!


Amazing pose and excellent textures and light. Congratulations !


Oh shucks!! This looks wonderful!!! Great work!


Really beautiful work.:thumbsup:


Simply Amazing !!!
You rock Man :buttrock: