The Troll Hunter :: Production Focus


Hey there,

About two months ago, I was alerted to the production of The Troll Hunter by some friends and knew I had to generate something for CGSociety. Today it premieres in Norway amid the most astonishing publicity and news of Universal Pictures interest. It’s a great story of small studios working on a pet project, with brilliant results.

Click the image.


nice :slight_smile: hope it will be good


This is looking delish!


Regarding the video where they just keep driving while the thing is walking.
Press the large pedal on the left!


Some pretty neat stuff in there. :slight_smile:


they can smell christian blood ? oh thats something new to me:)


Well that wouldn’t do them any good as they’re actually chasing the troll. :slight_smile:


And being in Norway the pedal to the left would most likely be the clutch pedal anyway :wink:


They really have to be under the giant troll in order to chase it?

:slight_smile: Yes in America the small pedal of the far left is also the clutch in a manual transmission. :beer:


So it seems. Keep your friends close… etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

But to correct myself. They are indeed trying to get to a safe distance in this scene (who wouldn’t?),
but due to his size, he doesn’t seem to have a very hard time keeping up with them. That and
it makes it a cool shot for the viewer.


I can’t wait to watch this movie!! it looks awesome :buttrock:


I like the results. I’ll see it.


If your timing’s right, and Mr. Ogre is traveling at his maximum ambulatory speed, you might want to double clutch him in a cloud of dust. Or you might want to a downshift skid and punch the gas while renegotiating your travel in the opposite direction.

Moral of the story, the brake is not always your friend in a clutch.


The most important film of our time is Norweigan…


Just noticed that the vimeo links are down. Posting link to an alternative site :slight_smile:


If anybody’s interested in seeing more, I got some simple before and afters on my site:

I modeled the troll and sheep in Mudbox and 3ds Max, scripted my own rig setup and animation format (for easy rig updates), used SkinFX for muscles, did the hair in Hair Farm and rendered everything (with 2 bounce brute force GI) in Brazil r/s. Outliner and RPManager was vital for getting things done fast in 3ds Max.

Atle Blakseth did the animation and modeled the guy in armor.


Well this looks awesome. What a cool concept. The only issue I have is with some of the animation. Wow does it look bad. It’s a shame cuz it kind of ruins all of the excellent modeling and surfacing, etc. Ah well, it was only in a few shots and the rest looked pretty great.

Especially loved the end shot with the giant feet. Can’t wait to check this out.


I am curious as to how to work with geometry that is 500 million polygons? Mudbox would start to choke at 40 million?


Zbrush has a feature thats called hdsculpt. It can push extreme amounts of polygons!
Mudbox cant compare to Zbrush when it comes to polycount :slight_smile:

Up to 1 billion polygons! POW! :smiley:


With the budget in mind i think the animation is overall very good! There are some scenes that could use more polishing, but cant compare the animation against bigbudget movies :slight_smile:

Glad you liked the “Feet” shot! It turned out great!