The Treehouse, JIm Maxwell (2D)


Title: The Treehouse
Name: JIm Maxwell
Country: Canada

This is a memory from my childhood of an actual massive treehouse that still partially exists today

Mainly painted in photoshop with geometry and some perspective worked out in Maya, the wagon and tree both had some geometry produced in 3d, and then I painted over them with details


i like the perspecitve and the rendering style.


This is really amazing, nice work!


:eek: :eek: Great work :eek: :eek:


really beautiful image!:thumbsup:


This is super awsome actually.


Excellent!..the detail is amazing:thumbsup:



Agreed, everything about this is fantastic!


niiice work I like a palette and light very good work 4*:thumbsup:


very nice style … :thumbsup:


Love it! Very nicely done!



Hey Jim,

I think the concept looks great!  I only have one small criticism.  The shadows on the wheels of the wagon seem a bit too strong.  All the other shadows in the scene have a much softer edge.  I do really like all those tree houses and the colours are beautiful!  Keep up the great work!  



Wow, thanks guys for the kind comments guys! I enjoyed working on this piece and will post a new one soon. Ciaran, thanks for the critique…I know what you mean about the wheel, looking forward to seeing your work posted here!


Awesome work Jim :thumbsup: . I love the colours, specially the grass and the sky. and of course, the dog. 1 comment, if I may…I feel the box and the pieces of wood on the wagon are too perfect…Just nitpicking…


Thanks Vasisht, I like nitpicking, usually helps me see something I haven’t noticed…I agree there’s a cleanness about the boxes and wagon, I’m sure I could paint it up a little more…




Congratulations on the CG Choice Award Jim! Well deserved. I look forward to seeing more of your work!


What I really love about this piece is the slightly surreal atmosphere created of the lightening, the perspective and the beautiful sky. To me that really makes it look like a childhood memory, or a dream you can remember. Did you consider anything like this while painting or is that just coincidental or my impression?

Anyway, masterfully done!


thanks for your comments and critiques,

NatriX, yeah I did purposely want it to have a dream-like quality, it’s based on a memory from when I was around 8 years old - when you try to visualize those things, they tend to ‘look’ a little hazy…originally I wanted the sky to look more morning-like light blues and salmon sort of tones in the sky…but the blown out quality of the light and the clouds seemed to fit best



couldnt help replying… this is the one of the best compositions i’ve seen in a while. the line from top left to bottom right carries the eye perfectly. beautiful placement of elements. composition makes you ignore the weaknesses of the image, which are very little…


It´s 2d with 3d?
Nice job, I´d like to know how it was done.