The Tree Roosts Human's Tribe, Weiweihua (3D)


Title: The Tree Roosts Human’s Tribe
Name: Weiweihua
Country: China
Software: 3ds max

This is in my story scene, this is a tribe which is composed by the giant trees. Lives in inside is the tree roosts the human. They are an ancient race, they are secluded from the world.
i use max6 .vray.
hope your like


and one more:) very good atmosphere weihua:thumbsup:
your work at paris or your are a student?


Suggestive atmosphere and very interesting story.

Cool work.



this is too much … you are an alien !!!

how do you do that? just two weeks ago you posted your last frontpage image, full of details and finetuned lightsetting. now I see another highend 3D work of you, but not only one wineglass with caustics, no it is a whole little town in a tree with spacesjip leaves and so on.

just tell me how do you do this? where do you take the time from?
do you have other people working for you?
do you have this images allready in stock and just publish them now one after theother?

dont get me wrong, all my nasty questions here are meant as one BIG COMPLIMENT.
you are not only an outstanding artist but you also must be a very condequent and focused person.

chapeau !!!

… by the way, my questions are meant totaly serious and I would be glad to hear abbout how you work. Not only technicaly - we had the chance to get an insight into your techninques in the cg-talk interview - but more how you work as a person, how your scedule looks like, if you have other ocupations in life or if you do 100% 3D at the moment … hope this is not a respectless question, but I really would like to hear a bit about the backround of a person, having such an amazing output.

keep it up


Hey! my old friend great work again!
it seems a little more bright than the last test image. :applause:
effect is much better. keep the good work!!


My dear friend,your works was so great .I just love the concept art in your works ! Keep working, you will made your movie successfully !


very good work!
I am a chinese too,I live in Jiangsu,what about you>?my QQ:17780507


thanks your all friends :slight_smile:


this is model


and another one ! one !
one more good jod man ! very impressive details . . .as usuall . …
u 're the speed-scene-man with at all ,a good texture and shader ,light. … .

comme d’hab ca dechire ,ca ne fera que le 10eme…tu bosse ca en plus de ton taf…?ou c le taf ? ca te coute combient de temps un decors comme ca…??..en tt cas tres belle compo :slight_smile:


Awesome Scene, awesome Mood. :buttrock:


Hi,weihua~i’m very like ur style :wink:
great job !!


Gosh I’m speechless!
The texture is just great!

Looks like a painting!


wonderful Rendering.:bounce:


I love the ambience in this picture, great color scheme! The detailing of your textures is incredible, this image looks more like a 2D painting than 3D. When I first saw it that transporter between the two trunks caught my attention. Is that some kind of insect? It reminded me immediately of the Elder Scrolls III Silt Striders and at first I thought maybe this was a concept for the new ES:IV :smiley: It looks like it’s a blend of mechanical and organic material in either case.

Outstanding job, though, you definately have tremendous skill!


An ancient race living in giant trees is kinda nice concept. Would you mind posting some more close-up scenes? I mean more closer.

BTW, it’s a nice render!


Holy muffins! Thats just…Awesome…I’m speechless. Such a great concept and such rich colours!

May i ask how you do the plants for your images? In all your images, the vegetation has been done so well! :eek:


Thanks you to like my work very much,:slight_smile: I used a month to make this images. all are I uses the spare time to do, all is I completes. Only is in the evening or weekend time does, my image have not publication, because these images all come from my story, but also had not finished, now i work in a cg Corporation, do about the architecture animation and the image
thanks again:)


thanks old friend:) :bounce:


thanks you very much,Your work very good .i like