The Topic of the next challenge will be....


Classic Movie Poster.,r:17,s:0&tx=41&ty=60


here a cool link


hello Roberto. I have a question…
can we take a still from a classic movie and make our own poster ? or it has to be the original one?


I think is very specific to a poster not a still.


For this challenge I want to concetrate on Poster art.

There is so much of it (100 years worth) that I bet we can find some coole pieces…


Here are some cool examples:
[li]Thief of Bagdad[/li][li]Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger[/li][li]Attack of the 50 Foot Woman[/li][li]The Forbidden Planet[/li][li]Blade Runner[/li][li]Star Wars[/li][li]Jaws[/li][li]Raiders of The Lost Ark[/li][li][Flash Gordon]( Gordon&f=t&FindID=0&P=1&PP=1&sortby=PD&c=c&page=1)[/li][li]Casablanca[/li][li]The Thing[/li][/ul]-R


Are we restricted to a specific time frame e.g. pre-1980s or as long as it is a movie poster?


Humm good question…
Any time period should be OK…
After all, in my humble opinion, most posters in the past 10 years suck.


I think the idea is to reproduce a poster that was paint first. Like the star wars and indiana jones are old and new but still the old classic type.


:argh: I really don’t get it yet :eek: . But it’s sound fun , and It will be fun .


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