The topic of our next challenge will be...


The topic for our next challenge is hidden in this video…



Is it something different from the Hommage to Hayao Mayasaki?


Yep since it is the whole studio.

Non Mayasaki films are in play.


can Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind be considered an entry for this upcoming challenge?


Why not ? Man it’s a Studio Ghibli movie after all


well I did a quick Wiki and it said: “While created before Studio Ghibli was founded,…” but as it goes on it says: “…he film is considered to be the beginning of the studio and is often included as part of the Studio’s works, including the Studio Ghibli Collection DVDs and Blu-ray” xD So i guess that would be a yes to if it’s included. Just wanted to make sure


For me the man is the studio. Any way, the studio sell this movie, so for me it’s all good


Hell yes,
Heck I want to do an entry!


None of Miyasaki films in play?? mm well there is no known films

*Grave of the Fireflies
Pom Poko
Whisper of the Heart
My Neighbors the Yamadas
The Cat Returns
Tales from Earthsea
From Up on Poppy Hill
The Tale of Princess Kaguya
When Marnie Was There
Ocean Waves

The rest is shorts films and pre-ghibli films.

So if Nausicaa is allowed… why do you say Miyasaki not in play?


that’s not what he said, he said non Miyazaki films are in play, meaning other Ghibli films by people other than Miyazaki are able to be used.


Ok maybe because I’m french, but that sentence was clear to me that none of the Miyazaki films are in that challenge to me.


BTW the Lupin III films also are also Kosher.
I want it to be a celebration of all things Ghilbi and all things Migazaki.



Coolos!! Let’s celebrate!


This is coming NEXT WEEK.



Okay, well if this is anything like what I think it is, I don’t think I could ask for a better topic for my first Hard Core Modeling Challenge ever! I can’t wait to see the topic posted!!! FUN!


Gotta say i’m a bit gutted by the news, but a great challenge.