The tile pattern problem on fabrics


Dear Fellars.

How do you work with fabrics on large surfaces?

I get the famous tile patterns… what to do?

Would the perfect solution be to hire somebody to make a costume procedural material?

Sorry if this is a beating an old horse. But the internet has insofar not been to really good use…


Basic things to look at would be the Texture Tag where you control tiling, etc.
Also the Length/ U Length V settings …

Can you attach a scene to see if there are other options ?


I think the node manager does have a UV scrambler for breaking repetition


You may also consider a tri-planar type workflow in this situation. Depending on the version of C4D you use, attached are two tutorials, one covering doing in pre-node system and the other using the newer node system.

Pre-node technique:

New node tri-planar:


Awesome thanks … here you go. I’m using Arnold render and an Arnold cloth material.Scaletest.c4d (1.5 MB)


incredible I havn’t seen these before. THANK YOU Kerr!


Now that I know you’re using Arnold, here is how to do tri-planar in Arnold for C4D:


Your on :fire: Kerr… 10000 thanks


maybe this interests you:

with our plugin Q-TIle_RPO | c4d tile shader system, one can create such tile patterns, also fabrics without any of these repetition issues in case that interests you:)

we made it extra for this needs for our 3d work
(in includes 2 plugins: one for any structures/ tiled surfaces and one for non structureds urfaces)