The Thinker - Retrongutan, Carlos Agell (3D)


Title: The Thinker - Retrongutan
Name: Carlos Agell
Country: Venezuela
Software: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop

This is a revision of an old model i made for the monthly challenge of “Robots” at Spanish portal i thought it will be nice to mix a futuristic/technical theme in a classic pose of the robot as the Rodin’s Thinker in a photostudio like setup. it was made in Cinema 4D with some color retouches in Photoshop. the original thread is at:

and here’s a wire:

hope u like it, as always critics and comments are wellcome.




Nice work. Good lighting and shaders :thumbsup: .


awesome design, great work. :twisted:


looks great man.
dig the lighting/pose/composition… everything



awesome work! fantastic robot, and the whole image is put together beautifully.the robot materials are really nice, and I love that background.


Great Render! Great Lights!:bounce:


top class


Really a clean retro-work.Really impeccable.:thumbsup:


perrrrrrrrrrrrfect render!


i loved that guy before, i love him now! great work! Are you using just one hdri for reflection on the robot surface or?


it looks great…
Great work :thumbsup:


Great concept. Love the materials!

Awesome work!


nice Scene :smiley: great mesh, great work!


Nice work , It looks like it made in the early 70s .


nice render, i like tour setup !! good design for the bot !!


As a fellow C4D user, I really admire your materials. Well, done! :thumbsup:


Hi carlos, I reall ylike the retro feel of the whole image:thumbsup: Congrats!


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