The Thing, Tristan Lock (3D)


Title: The Thing
Name: Tristan Lock
Country: Australia
Software: Maya, mental ray, ZBrush

I made this guy to test out working with displacement maps. As well as forcing myself to do more texturing and shading. I’ll probably animate it later.
I was also trying to portray the psychological pain a person would go through after being hideously mutated from cosmic radiation. Thats why he’s looking away.


Looks very nice.


yeaaah !!

really cool pose :thumbsup:


How can he breathe in those bicycle shorts :shrug:. Nice pose like said before. Nice keep it up.


very nice,cool composition, nice pose :slight_smile:


what can I say…perfect!!:thumbsup:


can we see the wire?


Thanks for your comments guys.

That’s why he’s screaming. :scream: J/K

Not much to look at. Most of it was done in Zbrush.


That’s why he’s screaming. :scream: J/K

Thats what I figured LOL:scream:


just curious will the shorts be removed Surgicaly?


It’s hard to tell if he is angry or in pain from the pose and focus of his eye at his semi-clenched fist --almost like he has a large splinter. I think he should be turned more towards the camera than away from it. Interesting texture work. I think the shorts have a nice rubber/latex look. Generally, the rock skin is good. Overall, I like it.


It looks like you made Jae Lee’s Thing from the miniseries Hard Knocks.


Good job on texturing, image looks very nice. Definitly the best Thing I’ve seen all Summer, at least he looks like stone and not rubber.


Looks cool. I think the traditional Thing has a different shaped head but maybe you made a version I do not know. Otherwise great work.



:applause: Very nice.

I really like the pose. Where the calf intersects with the thigh looks a bit funny, but otherwise I really like it.


wow, seriously amazing man, perfect render and execution, front page??:bounce::eek:



GREAT WORK!!!:thumbsup:



i like this thing :scream: so much, tough work


Very nice character and pose.


Thanks for all your critiques.

I was trying to do my own interpretation of the thing. But that is one that i was using for reference. So yeah, it pretty close. Here’s a little front render.