"The Ten Commandments" CG feature


Looks like the publicity machine is starting to ramp on the CG film we finished earlier this year :

Should be in theatres later this year. Hopefully we’ll have a trailer to show before too long!


Looks outstanding! Can’t wait.

Can you tell us a little about the apps/software you guys used to animate it?


Thanks! Darn You Tube compression.

Rendered and animated all in maya (with Maya Software renderer - ai carumba!), comp’d with After Effects, Premiere Pro for animatic/editing. Made in 15 months, with a crazy small budget and team, as these things go - the crew all did an amazing job. It darn near killed some of us!

We’re well underway now with the next in the series of Epic Tales with “The Flood” - should be a lot of fun, we’ve got a great script, a lot more creative freedom as the biblical account is more of an outline compared to the well known/defined Moses’ story. Plus no one has really done it before, unlike Ten Commandments which came with a weighty heritage courtesy of DeMille and Dreamworks :wink:


I knew it - Elliot Gould is God! Now we got a name AND a face! :smiley:


I always thought that the flood would make a good cg animation! All the best wishes with this well done.


I was waiting a long time for a remake of “10 commandments”.

I’m somewhat disappointed its a “all CG” film. :banghead:

I was expecting/hoping for it to be of epic proportions as the original.
The CG combined with real actors & true storyline would have been behemoth as a visual.



Any idea on the budget?


“Elliot Gould is God”

:slight_smile: Elliot was great, just the right combination of strength and intimacy we wanted.

“Any idea on the budget”

I can’t disclose the budget, but think of a small number, then halve it.


im sorry but does anyone think this movie looks slightly outdated?

i mean the characters look like they were taken from the first ice age movie, and overall the “sizzle reel” has a very “direct to dvd” look to it. there has already been one animated moses movie, and it doesn’t look like this one is gonna be able to stand up to comparison.


I personally never seen an animated feature and thought:

“Yes, it has a very interesting story, or is very funny, but that lack of SSS on characters makes it suck.”

I did however think after seeing many animated features:

“Yes this state of art animation and/or rendering but this movie is anything but interesting”

That said, this movie may lack both, or have both - visuals and content, I still wont go to cinema to see it (I’m not really into biblical movies).


my point is that your gonna have to do something more than just make it cg to have the movie do well. since everyone is jumping on the cg bandwagon, it takes alittle more than just “being cg” to sell tickets.


well it does have one key ingredient that all films need to be successful…’‘a good story’’
…if it was rendered in poser it would still have a head start over most other traditional films as the story is a ‘known thing’ and a good solid one at that…a great base to make a decent film.

so good, bad or ugly, cg images do not make or break a film but the ‘‘story’’ ususally does.


It’s missing SSS lighting, I don’t want to see it. :slight_smile: Nah this does look like a direct to video but something I will watch. I like movies done on half budgets as well, looks like htey got great actors.

I would love to see other Bible stories come out, like the story of DAvid or something like that. I think I’ll do that, and then do it in Poser! Hmmmmm that’s an idea. :slight_smile:


I think CG is beyond the bandwagon stage now. It’s a medium that many people use.

The fact that this film is a religious one will sell tickets. The end.

There are more than a few CG projects that feature religion that most people in the main stream don’t even know about, yet they continue to sell. While most of these are direct to video releases, they do get theatrical screenings in certain areas. I think this film will do well, at leat making back it’s production costs and then some.


my apologies i wasn’t aware the movie was released and you’ve seen it already to tell me it has a good story.EDIT: story is important but the characters and look of the film has to be appealing to draw in audiences. humans are visual creatures and without pretty pictures and promo trailers, even the greatest movie ever will have trouble.

the entire bible is one of the greatest “stories” ever written, theres still alittle bit that goes into translating aspects of it to film. just because the story of moses is a great literary work doesn’t mean you get the movie version for free.

coming from you floyd this statement doesn’t hold that much water for me. devry institute plays a great commercial every day saying “you dont wanna be left behind do you, get into the exciting world of game making today at devry.” or as i like to say “jump on the cg bandwagon and give us your money”. there are a ton of schools that market like this to the next generation of students. then they work the crap out of them till they are totally burnt out, and usually the cream of the crop emerges and gets jobs, flooding the cg market with disillusioned graduates who can’t find work at anywhere besides third rate studios where they sometimes go weeks and even months (on occasion) without getting paid. a buddy of mine was telling me about some guy who is trying to form his own studio saying “i have a job lined up and computers in my office, but i can’t pay you until the dvd makes money.” AND THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE WILLING TO ACCEPT THOSE CONDITIONS.

religion is responsible for alot of things, as a certain man living in a white house will attest to.

i see, profit sharing may be a good idea then if someone were presented with a contract for such a gig.


The story is a bit of a no brainer isnt it dont you think? i mean its not like youd need to lock yourself in a room for days on end to plot out the beginning middle and end of the story.

maybe they blew the budget on the voice actors, it a fairly impressive cast.

the visuals look outdated and the animation does look a little clunky but its not the finished product so who knows?

However, CG these days maybe becoming more affordable but if you arent “pushing the envelope” visually, people ( especially on cg boards) aren’t goin to be impressed.


very true about the cg forum people not being too impressed unless it’s as good as shrek/pixar but the ‘‘audience’’ do not frequent this forum really do they!..

not saying their dumb or lacking in our ‘eyes’ on cg quality but it only need to be ‘good enough’ for them to buy a ticket or dvd…i mean most people call these and what pixar/dreamworks creat ‘cartoons’ and not cg films…


sounds great !!


Im not onto yet another bible movie.

But i think that technicly you should have worked much more on lightning and mood. I dont mind the animation (which is not great… its just ok) so at least you would have put more efforts on the final color and illumination instead of the default software lightning & rendering.

The water splitting part was great though, but the egiptian’s stampeed was way bad.

I dont know how much money was given to the “actors” which i think it might have been much more than the whole 3D production, but shoudnt the CG be more important than just the “voices”??

(i hate movies that sell “Voice acting” more than the product as a whole:shrug: )


Looks like it was lots of work. I will reserve final judgment until I have seen it. I never totally liked the Dreamworks version that much because it really only told half of the story.

I wonder why the Maya render engine was used instead of something like the built in mental ray or some other powerful renderer. The Maya render tends to produce a light muddy look when compared even to something rendered in Mental Ray, Maxwell, Brazil etc. This native Maya look can be seen on countless demo reels from 3D students applying for jobs in the industry. As others have mentioned the lighting could be improved. In the end it will still serve it’s purpose though and that purpose is to tell a story with animation. :slight_smile: Congradulations to everyone who worked on it! I am still very curious why Maya was used to render?