the Taxidermy Body (nudity), Tsvetomir Tsenov (3D)


Title: the Taxidermy Body (nudity)
Name: Tsvetomir Tsenov
Country: Bulgaria
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi everyone ,

here is my last work based on my old project …

i use zbrush and Photoshop for modeling and texturing , and 3ds max (mental ray ) for rendering

hope you like it …



big version



Awesome work!
(IMHO the stomach is too big, as well as the (his) left lung which should be a little smaller letting a little space for the heart.) Besides that, just incredible!


Stunning piece! I’m not envious of you about doing the necessary research - all the more impressive and absolutely top level! :arteest:


Really nice study. Thumbs up!


Wow, this is disgustingly amazing.


Bravo! Great work


Holy god…this is tremendous. Inspiring work dude.


When I saw the words “big version” I had to pause to prepare myself.

Nice work, truly stupendous.


omg this is really cool but disgusted :smiley:


incredible!trully amazing work!



Stunning work, beautiful textures! Keep rocking!
Best regards, Selwy


Strahotna rabota!!! Ne veroqatno!!!

Az sum goliam fan :slight_smile:

Amazing work!!! Unbelievable!!!

I’m a huge fan :slight_smile:


Great work, congrats!

I really like your idea, but i think that internal organs surfacing is very similar to a stone!


Wow relly amazing work there.
Phantastic concept. I would suggest frontpage! Amazing shaders / textures and very very good lighting. Top notch study!

Cheers Silverwing


Congrats, that’s really something.


Really great work .

We could say ‘disgusting’ …

But the way you made your composition and the way you lighted it make it beautifull . :wink:


great sculpting and texturing work! excellent!


if there would be more blood, i would likely spill the coffee that i was sipping at the moment. Nice job :thumbsup:


Great work, textures and lighting are incredible…Well done.