The Sultans Elephant - The little girl giant plays in the park (giant puppeteering)


Ok I’m speechless.

This clip contains something soooooooo whimsical and directly hooked into to the primal pleasures of animation.

(Not to mention the coordination of many people to create something spectacular, beautiful and gentle.)

Google streaming video

51 Meg quick time

Pass it on I’m sure all animators would get something from this.


found here


Wow, that is really cool to watch. But when her jaw unhinges, its like something out of a horror movie. :argh:


beauty… love it.


quite amazing…!!!
love it too beautifull


yes, it iis really great !
the “show” is from a French street teather based in Nantes, called : Royal deluxe

more videos of the last spectacle :

amazing creature here !!


yeah, i saw this, it was just round the corner from my house. It was an INCREDIBLE thing. The elephant looked fantastic walkign down piccadily. Really amazing. some vids of it



It was really freaky when she licked that lollipop :eek: Girlzilla :scream:

Imagine her walking by your window while you’re on the 3rd floor :smiley:


(unwanted doublepost)


I don’t know about anyone else, but I was amazed at how easy it was to not see the wires and rig once she was walking down the street.


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