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Here at CGSociety, we encourage and welcome suggestions and feedback from the community. However, please note that we cannot implement all suggestions nor can we develop and implement them immediately - no matter how good the idea.

If you have a request for a new forum, please post in this forum by creating a new thread and creating a poll.

We only start forums on CGTalk when it is requested by members, the forum has enough support from the community to gain traction, and has significant unique ground to cover.

Once we agree upon new forums, we also like to assign a forum leader, who has both proven themselves in our community, and also the subject at hand.


I have been making fractal and Mixed Media images for about 4 years now and would very much like to see this type of art accepted in this world of digital New Age Art in which we live. However I can’t remember seeing anything like this in the CG Society…

Would it be acceptable to have this type of art in tghe galleries here?

I await your response please.

Thanks Rozrr


Hi Admin, could I suggest creating a buy and sell thread? forumers can sell/buy or even trade 3d media contents


Not going to happen, I’m afraid.


There are too many legal and administrative issues revolving around having a buy/sell forum. We are CGTalk, not eBay, iStockPhoto or TurboSquid. There are perfectly good services available elsewhere for buying and selling, there’s no benefit to reinventing the wheel.


Okay, I understand where your coming from. Just suggesting though. :slight_smile:


how about like a introduce yourself thread?


Please post suggestions in their own thread in the suggestion forum. This is merely a thread to introduce the forum and to field any questions about the latter, not for the suggestions themselves. Thanks! :slight_smile:


could you increase image and video storage limits ?
thank you very much !


Please see the above post. It was right before yours.


i 've just read the below post ! …²)

thanks for replying so quickly…


So far you are the only person who has complained about the structure of the forums. The structure has been in this form for many years, and so far no one has complained about the layout, nor grown “tired to browse” our forum.

I notice that you’ve been here only a couple of months. Perhaps you just need more time to familiarise yourself with the layout. I found it slightly overwhelming when I first started here but you get used to it pretty quickly. Frankly its rather surprising that you sign up to one of the largest and most successful online art communities and then proceed to tell us we’re doing it wrong.

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it is good that we have a special benchmark thread to measure the performance of different hardware configuration .it is really necessary for artists to know which hardware can achieve to maximum capability of different can be for maya ,zbrush , mudbox, etc.



Is it possible to have a thread that where we can find how to build a NICE and POWER PC for graphic designer and 3D artist. for example.

  1. what hardware to use
  2. how many gig (requires for 3d)
  3. video card
  4. compatibility

hope hear it from you since I wanted to build a power pc for me to be able to create a 3D character, interior.

many thanks’


We already have an entire forum for that. Please actually explore the site properly before suggesting we add stuff that we’ve always had.


Hi I think we need a Game Environment and other gaming related threads here.


We have the game art design forum:
And we also support


Having a forum that focuses on crowd simulation would be great. I believe there is another software that can do crowds besides Massive. I’ve been trying to learn Massive myself but there is little to no support online.


Hi. I like CGTalk a lot. One thing I don’t like is the new theme. Granted, it’s not important, but I care enough about the site to criticize it. As of tonight, it looks like Wordpress dipped in cocktail sauce. That much saucy red in one place really stands out… and not in a good way.

 The background grain looks somewhat ok... though it's kinda basic - like a simple Photoshop noise filter at 30% or so.  Surely you can do more with it.
 (I am not a web designer)


Hi … how does the poll work when requesting a new forum in terms of exposure and getting the idea out to the community. I would assume very few people would frequent the > suggestions forum (unless they need something or have a suggestion themselves) so how is it going to be an accurate snapshot on how much interest there would be?