The Student Volunteer Thread


Are you going as a Student Volunteer this year?

Have any of you served as a Student Volunteer before?

  • What was you experience like?
  • Did it help you in your career, by making some important contact,or finding someone who was hiring there, etc?

-Do you industry pros get sick of us youngun’s running around in our silly red vests? :slight_smile:

This will be my 2nd year as a Student Volunteer although I’ve been out in the workforce for over a year now thanks to getting hired shortly before graduation. I think perhaps many Student Volunteers go thinking that they hand out great CG jobs all over the place at Siggraph, but this wasn’t my experience. I’m just going to have a fun week and party in L.A.
It is a good idea to bring a demo reel though.


I’ll be there as a TL, last year was my first time as an SV. It was loads of fun, and that’s all I’m expecting from this year. I’m still in school, so I’m not really looking for a job yet. I’m content just too meet so many other students from around the word and geek-out together.


Heh, I could never be a TL. 20 hour days! :eek:


hey guys, im gonna be there as an SV this year, its my first time ever so im really excited hope to see you all there!


Can anyone explain those abreviations to me, please? My technical english ain’t that good :smiley:


SV = student volunteer
TL = team leader


Yeah, I thought I’d give it a try. At least I know I wont have to stand in one place for too long. Well, it looks like the count is up to 4, that’s twice as many Student Volunteers since the last thread we had going. Hope to see you there.


I’ll be donning the red cap/vest & playing the SV game. It’ll be my first. Very much looking forward to the whole thing.


Siggraph yay.


Bah, being an SV and a TL pale in comparison to being on the SV Subcommittee. TLs don’t work 20 hour days, and most of the time they do work; they’re delegating.


I just got accepted off of the waitlist, didn’t think I was going to go!

This’ll be my first siggraph ever, and I cant wait to get there.
See you all in LA.


So are we gonna have a little CGTalk meet or what? Hehe…


Glad to see some waitlisted people are getting to go. I was pretty annoyed to hear that some 150 people didn’t even confirm their acceptance as volunteers, when I had plenty of friends who didn’t even get accepted.


I hear you man… happened to my buds too. It could have probably been avoided if the SV committee was more on top of things.

They’re worrying me this year. They don’t seem to have their stuff together like Jim Kilmer’s crew did last year. Seems like we’re going to have to work more than our committed hours in schedules we don’t even get to choose. Oh yay.

My plane leaves in 3 days and I don’t have a schedule, an electronic theatre showing time, a hotel confirmation… nada.


Wow, that sucks. Hope you’ll have some internet access in the mean time! It’s definitely been frustrating when I can’t plan anything without any information.


Man I love computer graphics and i see nothing geeky about it. I think there is nothing geeky about the video game “man hunt”. Besides not all computer graphic artists like dungeouns and dragons or star wars. Aside from being a Cg artists i’m really into politics, I have a very good socal life, and i’m also a complete Metal Head. I don’t think sterotypes apply that much in the computer world anymore.


Don’t be in denial, embrace your inner geek.


Schedules are now availiable at the SV website.


Awe, come on, everyone lets out a little bit of geek when confronted with all those shiny colorful tradeshow booths.

well, it’s a sad day when geekiness is frowned upon… It’s nothing to be ashamed of, really.

Maybe after a couple Geeks Anonymous meetings we’ll be able to embrace our inner geek.


I’m not ashamed to be a geek, actually I think it’s something to be proud of - it usually means you’re good at something. Also, being a geek doesn’t imply you’re antisocial nerdy kinda person.