The spirit of blessing, Dean Holden (2D)


Title: The spirit of blessing
Name: Dean Holden
Country: Korea (South)
Software: Photoshop

The spirit of blessing

A elf that Protects the spirit town.

The spirit of ghosts gave a stick that can give a living to any kind of creatures by appreciation for protecting the town.

I emphasized detail and that I painted really neat.

Composition is not very interesting, but the design and color are most intentional elements for this painting.

I spent 7 days.

I used Photoshop CS for drawing and painting.

I am not really good at English, so I want you guys to understand for my poor English.

God bless all you guys who take a look at my work.

Good day…


Brilliant colors. Stunning work! :love:


wow~awsome work,I like the mood and style very much,Nice work!:thumbsup:


Oh!Perfect work!I like style and colours!Beautiful details!=))) :thumbsup:


Wow!.. i love it… wonderful artwork…
but tell me something… where is shadow? O_o …its because she is spirit?


I like all things of this painting,especially her clothing.I think just the fungus at left side make your painting a little cartoon.:slight_smile: 5stars from me also!


very well excecuted and many details on the character - but why does the environment (eg. mushrooms, character, woods) do not cast any shadows at all? This gives the impression the mushrooms for example are flying instead of being on the ground. The scene could have more depth and intense by adding shadows. It would definetley top your very good artwork off.

best wishes


Nice colour and composition!


The style reminds me of grenada espadas (a game) artstyle, which i totaly love.Dont know if it’s just a coincident, or if you are the artist that made that, or you just tried drawing in that style, but I really liked this picture ^^
Good luck on your future works.


Just AMAZING ! Great colors and mood ! And welcome on board :wink:


[left]beautifull drawing and painting!


The piece would pop out even more with some shadows coming from the mushrooms and the girl.


Annyong, Dean. Great colours. And very nice start here on CGtalk. Keep the art work comming.


It looks a bit flat in the bottom part for me, but the rest is beautiful. Great one…:thumbsup:


Gorgeous! Brilliant colour technique.


5 stars, for sure :thumbsup:


WoW! that is a beautiful piece of work! The ONLY thing missing are the shadows as mentioned by others. Great stuff, make more! :eek:


Nice image…Nice color…also the beautiful character ,I love it


wow, truly beautifull! the colors are just magicaly miracurously magnificent! :slight_smile: and she’s qute too. particles always makes it come alive!


Wow! The colors are great. The character’s hair and costume are perfect. I like her expression as well. Very well done!! :bounce: