The speed modelling thread!

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  • This is the generic speed modelling thread *

post speed modellings on whatever subject you want, purpose is to have fun and to progress!
1~3 hour models.
Everyone can post! tell how long it took, and possibly put wires and tell which soft you used.

look forward for more info about the regular sessions with given themes.

Here we go, KingMob and I were in the savannah mood:
(2 hours, 3dsmax5)


I like rhinos. me and m@ want to start doing rgular sessions, we will keep you posted on the place, and times, love to have more people involved.

2 hours modeling
Software: Clay
Render: Maya


and the wire.


Really nice work guys…Quick but very clean,you sure these were’nt done in 1 to 3 days???( insert eye blink here)…Nice idea…After looking at your fine creations everyone should be in the savannah mood



These are gonna rock!!


oh, this is a superb idea! really nice work guys!!! I’ll see if I can make something for this thread to, soon…


bastard :wink:


thanks guys!
cool to see you around virtuoso.
fellah : you’re more than welcome!


visualpoo, wtf? :smiley:

thanks Mat, I will try… but you have sure set a high standard. but it will also be a cool thing to test and see how much you are able to do in 1-3 hours… great thread idea!


yeah. I would love to see what you come up mr. fellah

And anyone else, me and m@ want to try and do these biweekly,

lots of fun/challenging to do somethign quick.


Time : aproxx 1h50
software : 3dsmax

Smoothed :

Wires :



lots of jaggs, needs smoothing, but… 1h01m ;D no stop


Equinoxx: great elephant! though you could have spent the extra ten minutes for detailing the ears :stuck_out_tongue:

made in uterus: fun!

2 hours 15 minutes


Yeah I made another also.

here is my croc, as you can see i had better side ref then front ref.

Time: About 2 hours and 15 minutes of work.
software: clay


you people are mad ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to find a subject and start modeling


ok I got threatened that I would get beaten with a boat oar if I didn’t post here… so

1 hour 35 minutes and one crap ass reference pic gets this:

If your interested here’s my reference picture

Software: Clay


I really love this idea of a speed modelling thread so I have to chip in. I liked the savannah theme too :slight_smile: Here’s an Impala, 2 hours and 20 minutes in Maya


sorry for taking an elephant also, couldnt think of anything else

exactly 1 hour work, its 4:15 am here so I’m getting kinda tired


Nice work guys.

Anders? What’cha got man? I wanna see some fellah style.


I think this was like 1:10 (?) Maybe a few minutes, more or less. Done in Wings. Sorry for the same subject matter, King. Although, it is interesting how each person gives his animal his own style/personality.


Modeling time: 20-60 minutes each.
Software: Rhino and/or 3ds max
Wireframe: too lazy to get it