The Spacedocker, Gege2100 (3D)


Title: The Spacedocker
Name: Gege2100
Country: France
Software: 3dsmax

Hi there !
here is my last character ! Made with 3dsmax and a bit of Photoshop ! I wanted someting with a kind of retro look ! C&C are welcome !


hey nice work !!!"

i like the character design"


Not bad at all dude, don’t you work at the lucas ranch?


interesting charachter design.

but the rendering look a little bit flat … or may be it is the way you wanted it to look ?


Really nice! love hte syle. congrats gege!
it kinda reminds me of imphead´s robots…

keep the good stuff comin´!

P.S. hellboy rocks!


direndra : thx !

xtrem3d : thx too ! the flat side of the image is wanted , just wanted to move away from the " 3D effect"( ban too much reflection ) , to forget the 3D tool

nacher : thx , hellboy rules !!!


the design is very cool but question: what is the clock near the head??


looks good.
chib, I think the klock is a measuring instrument for the methan gas inside his helmet. so he knows that he has got not enough methan and will suffocate, before he suffocates.


:scream: hehe! yes ania you re right ! he s got two bottles on the back connected to the helmet


Nice image, I like the lighting and colours. It does feel a bit grainy though, but that could just be my monitor (I hate LCDs!).
I don’t get how he’s suppopsed to see the dial…that helmet looks like it would be in the way! :wink:



great work, very nice


wiro :thx a lot ! it s not your LCD :slight_smile: The fact is that grain works better on the A4 version with no compression !!hey wiro , is secondreality dead ??! :scream:

Phil : thx !!


I like the “flat” look! So what is the story of this dude?

Hellboy for President!


Heh, not really…I just havent had much to update with for a while. Oh well, excuses excuses



There’s a cute little fellow, too bad one little micro meteor through that glass dome head and he’s going to get sucked out into space!!

-It’s really good!


héhéhé,:cool: plutot cool, plus de shagfur au niveau du cole :o hihi dmg j’aimais bien, sinon le design, le ptit monstre et le rendu :thumbsup:ya dla maitrise :wise:.
A quand le prochain:bounce:,

au fait barbibus était pas senssé te setupé ton perso :D, pour une petite pose:shrug:

nice i like, good job gege2100


great style


i see some fine work here
really good:thumbsup:


which renderer do you use?


thx all !!:slight_smile:

etrosh : I used Vray :thumbsup: