The Source


Once there was a handful of mages that knew about the existence of a very powerful field of energy that it was said to rejuvenate body cells - they called it “the Source”. They reached this magnificent bay but “the Source” was nowhere in sight. As they got closer to it, their bodies started to transform and they were getting younger and stronger. Because they felt that the energy was coming from the landscape in front of them, they decided to start removing large blocks of the mountain side.
And so, they created these beautiful arches made of stone, they found the Source, and settled here, where they live to this very day, younger than ever.

Thanks for watching! :slight_smile:

P.S. To make it clearer - The architecture of the arches was deliberately created by humans by using the nature’s materials and were built by drilling into the mountain by using magic. It’s a different approach to construction. And I’ve made this choice in order to avoid certain stereotypes.


Wow, looks amazing, monumental and a bit different than other entries…its a great idea. :thumbsup:cheers!


Nice work Laur’. I’m not quite happy with the purpule inner core (I prefer green :slight_smile: ), but the atmosphere is nice. You may ‘dodge’ on several parts, just for light fun. Even is the theme seems to be guided toward a future architecture (like what a modern archtect will do…) I prefere to go to the roots, what the ancestors architects might been already did. :shrug: Fain, tine-o tot asa, cat mai multe landscape’uri.


Thank you Brajan, a friend of Sarah Connor can be nothing but my friend :slight_smile:

Thank you Sandule, actually one of my choices was green and then decided to choose something that would contrast the water and the sky - at the same time driving the eye towards it. I’m glad you like it, mersi pentru incurajari (thanks for the encouragements) :slight_smile:


:smiley: lol…btw i think that purple is ok…it stands out…it should stand out…imho…


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