The Snakedancer - Born To Please A Godking (nudity), Sacha Angel Diener (3D)


Title: The Snakedancer - Born To Please A Godking (nudity)
Name: Sacha Angel Diener
Country: Switzerland
Software: Photoshop

The Snakedancer - Born to please a Godking
She was the greatest dancer of her time, he was the mightiest man of his era.
Their destiny was written before they were born. She was living a life she didn’t choose, and the only moments
she enjoyed freedom were when she was dancing. Even thought he rules her, owns her, dominates her, he can not please her.
All his might is useless, her heart and soul always will be free.
The magical avatar, snake symbolizes her unbreakable pride. She was born to serve his godly majesty, born to please a godking.
made with Photoshop for cg talks Master and Servant Challenge 2005 in many sleepless nights.
well, it was my first 2d Challenge ever and 90% of this piece was painted with a mouse.
well, i am not 100% happy with it, but i gave my best to make a good piece. hope you like it :slight_smile:


Sacha my friend…you know, very fantastic work you have here!!:thumbsup:



hey u got an awesome work man… very stylish… congrats… but dear friend shouldn’t it be in the 2d section?..
keep up ur great works mate :thumbsup:


yea i was already wondering what 3d program makes such amazing renders but now that i know its all photoshop doesnt mean its less cunning. Good work!


hey sacha, your pic is very great and i said my opinion on the challenge, good work but is not the good section you have post in the 3d work


HACK!! HOFF COUGH!! :eek: A MOUSEE… u monster… u stinkin freak of nature… i htink its worth of the stars treatment lol, yo sash… u know tha sara, lara and aspen cover i mentioned i should make… hehehe its on the way mate… oh and i see that were both equally dumb with the wrong posting, lol


great design man, love it! :thumbsup:


great work my friend and offcourse :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Better move this to the 2D CG choise gallery right away, amazing.


u get my spam,Sacha.:twisted: hehe…
wonderful painting!!great design,comp,color,ambiance and emotion.this is a perfect piece.
good luck,buddy.cheers.:beer:


***** from me for the cutest sweetest (cat-)ladies in the contest!! :thumbsup:
good luck angel! see you next time! :bounce:


Hmmm where have I seen this one before?

Seriously, great piece, lovely faces and expressions, very nice scene at the bottom and great that it’s still in the race, love it…+5!


its good to see u again sacha,love ur work as always,i’m gonna save this one into my ‘favourite artwork’ folder..keep on rocking!


BOMBARD SACHA’s Thread with SPAM :twisted: HAHAHA. Okay, i don’t get sick of telling you this, your work ROCKS and it is AWESOME. Pixel Pushers RULES!!! :bounce:

A big 5 STARS from me crazy bro :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Hey, you know it’s your move right, heeheehee. It should be the last or else we’ll be having too much fun. Next time we BOMBARD Thitipon’s THread, MUAHAHAHA :smiley:

cheers bro. Keep on ROCKIN!!!


Alex Falchil: thank you so much my friend! I am so happy you like it :slight_smile: u know this was my 1st finnished 2d and my 1st 2d challenge ever and i am happy i could finnish it!

Zubuyer: hahahaha, clumsy me :blush: thanks a lot and i am happy u like it!

Janis: hehehehe, if i’d done it in 3d, i’d chose max vray and zbrush, hehe, for all those litlle details. but my poor machine propably wouldnt want to handle this scene :smiley: happy you like it even if its 2d :slight_smile: thanks mate!

Laurent: hehe, i found that out by now. me clum,sy, first time post, i learned it now. having my my problems with cg talks submissionsystems :smiley: lol thanks for you nice words!

Lord Nebi: hahahahah thank you! lol u and i did the same silly thing? hehehehe! you dodn’t know how MUCH i look forward to see that tripple Sexy cover of you! tooo much eyecandy!
keep on rocking mate, hahaha!

Tilstrom: thanks a lot!

Alex H: thank you so much my friend! you always were:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Numse: :blush: thank you! sweet avatar you have there by the way. I like sexy girls with silverwhite hair, i can tell :wink:


Thitipon:Hey Bro! i’m flattered by your words! its far frrom perfect but i thought if i dont post it i never will. and i am so happy you like it, know u done one of my favourite pieces yourself, your painting style rocks and you are a great person and wonderfull friend!

Benita! WOW! thank you so much! love your catlady and her sweet kittys so much! best luck too and see you soon :slight_smile:

Rudy: hehehe, wow! thank you! I am soo happy! thank you thank you thank you!

Michael: Thank you so much! Yours is in my Michael See folder :slight_smile: can’t wait to fill it! Keep on rocking too my friend!

Archie! crazy Bro! haahaha u rule! came home from the studio and start painting an anwser :slight_smile: we really should make a daily sketchbattle tread :slight_smile: its so fun! hahahahaha lol, yeah bombing Thitipons tread will be fun! :smiley:

THis was a great expirience for me, and i just wanted to thank again everyone who was with me and helped me to make it! you are wonderfull friends and you all rock! thank you so much for everything and hope to keep in touch! you all ROCK!!!:buttrock:


I just realized i can update the piece. i tweaked the snake and i think it looks better now :slight_smile:

oh, forgot, here’s some closeups:


Maybe you can paint my chick in a better resolution so I can use it as a wallpaper!? What a waste for such a sexy girl to be so low-res… :slight_smile:


another mouse artist …hooraaaay … its a marvelous piece:thumbsup: mhhhm these beautiful eyes…and these full lips…mhhhhhm :love:

cya around :slight_smile:


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Nah, just dropping by to see how you are doing. Sketch battle thread would be cool. We should definately start that one of these days. Your light saver is no match from my Dark Vampire Knights, heeheehee.

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Hey, i just thought of a cool name for a team, THREAD SPAMMERS, LOL :wip: