Name: yanir
Country: Israel
Software: ZBrush Maya Photoshop mental ray
Submitted: 11th December 2014

A personal project i made in the past few months after work.
i hope you like it


hey everyone
here is my latest personal project.
i hope you like it.


Cool pose and sculpt!


This is brilliant! It’s nice to see the Hulk bursting with so much character and energy. Great job!


Powerful and Stunning Pose!


Great job ! looks $@ awesome !



Very good job :bowdown: as always


Simply fantastic sculpt!


This is pretty bad ass. :bowdown:


im so exited you like this green guy :bounce:

its an honor to be on the main page gallery. i am truly humbled .

ROCK ON! :buttrock:


Smashing pose and great model :applause: . As with most bodybuilders , their private parts are hmmm… less developed.
Super job :keenly:


I love the anatomy! :slight_smile:


Its unique in its own way, a different version of the Hulk.

Good Job!


AWESOME! Really, really cool. I dig the style too.


Love the pose!


I like what you did, especially with pose bud.


This look great…!!!


What a muscle Hulk, nice done!


Insanely inspiring!
Thanks for demonstrating what diligence looks like.


This is brilliant! I can’t stop staring at it! :beer: